My DNA journey started when I got an email from my Aunt on my fathers side, Auntie May, it was a proclomation of sorts, that we were related to the Romanov’s of the Royal Russian family. it had a tree and some papers.

I was sceptical but found it very interesting, I was baptized Russian orthodox when I was 2 years old. my whole life i grew up with a Russian name and with the Idea that I was a Russian Alaskan Native, with some swedish, norweigan mixed in. but primaraly a Russian Native, I even considered getting the double eagle tattoo, I was hiking and saw two Eagles that same week. Was it an omen? not sure, but I wanted to know more, so began my research into this story, I still have not found the smoking gun. I did find out that genetically, I am not much Russian or even slavic, but my largest percentage is Scandanavian and English, and that the Alaska Native genes, were much smaller that expected, 7/16 is my official Blood Allotment from the BIA. this is accurate as I was to learn later. In DNA there is a thing called recombination. it means that you get your genes randomly. I have 1/4 but my full brother has over 1/3 from 24% to 33% difference, which seems odd, but it is the recombination, that make this rule. There are reams of people, thinking they are Native American, and have no genes that represent Native American. these always reminds of this carpenter when I was building the Alaska Native Hospital, along with thousandsw of other people, that this old hillbilly carpenter told me that it take 3 or 4 generation to get that shit out of your bloodline. I liked him, he was honesht about his thought, I will take honesty any day over, passive aggressive or some other malady, we knew where he stood, no bullshit.

My next big step was getting a DNA test, the first one I chose was 23andMe, it was so interesting. this coupled with a family tree was even more amazing. I was a Swede, a Nowegian and English, yea English? wtf? I wanted to know more. I signed up on all the tree sites and started to self- teach myself. I started contacting relatives on 23andMe. I started searching through archives and census documents. I had been told years earlier by Don Vinberg, RIP, great skipper, hard driving, smart fisherman. I still to this day, say to myself. “pull hard, come easy” which done was fond of. anyway. he had told me that my Dad’s Dad was named Collins, or perhaps said Colin, anyway it got me search 1933 archives in Kodiak that had the name collins, I was able to find a rather renowned Archeiologist named collins, but was unable to get anything to stick. I would look over my matches and was able to put people in a list, a list of this family or that, we all have 4 grandparents, duh, but they will not match up unless they are inline with that family. I had my Mom’s Maternal and Paternal list, and my dads Maternal, I also had a list that did not fit any of the other 3, luck for me, we had quite a few known relatives in the databases. Not until i paid for the ancestry subscription, did I find my father’s father. right before my Eyes, Colin Ingram. This was a DNA Match not with just 1 or 2 connection, naming Joseph Colin Ingram as a relative, it was numerous trees that I was able to confirm, and did in fact contact most of them. It was eye openining. that was just the tip of the iceburg. Here is where it gets a little dark. un beknowst to me, my sister had been told that my father was the result of incest, yeah, ugly things, not cousins but closer. this said as a fact, from the same Aunt that I went to visit in Anchorage and was treated life a criminal, like we wanted something, I have tried to love and forgive over the years, must have been something that compelled them to tell my sister that lie, right? recently it has been confrimed they just dont like me anyway, oh well serah serah, but I will probaly try again. I do like them, but really sometimes, Im deaf dumb and blind. maybe I will play centerfield. back to the story. I was able to trace my grandfather Joseph Colin Ingram to Joseph Shackelford Ingram, who served in the Civial War and was from back east and retired in Washington State, with some of his decendants moving to Alaska. I his a brick wall at that point, except for his wife, who I also had DNA connections, that family goes back to the American founding fathers. I was part of this “American thing” not just a purchased American, but a part of the conqerers, so maybe this was just a fling or Not? or even worse a rape? I have a pretty good memory, as anyone who knows me is aware of, anyway, I rember seeing another document that was made by the united states local kodiak offical in preparation of the Indian Census. it was a document that had my dad’s original birth Name ephiam Ingram, that is no coincidence. There was other circumstantial proof also, the Ingram’s and the Ollestead lived in the same housing area in Seldovia, I will try to post that stuff also, as time allows. Ollestead is my Grandmother’s Maiden Name, she was an Ollestead and Cleghorn, I was able to track Ollestead back to Norway and Cleghorn Back to Scotland, but that is not my point, my point, that document led me to believe that it was common knowledge in some circles that my dad was descended from the Ingram line, although the Ingram’s of the day, may have known, I have been unable to find a connection, I must say, I am glad and more than grateful for all my Ingram family that have become family, facebook and maybe someday I will get to meet them, after all we Kin, and I really want to change my name, if noting more than to eliminate the curse of spelling/saying and repronouncing Simeonoff over and over again. years of it. plus the communist aspect of a Russian name. I may have to go against my family’s wishes, but the cost is time and money. Richard Ethan Ingram. I like it. Mary Ingram, I life it. how about this sir? could you spell that for me? Ingram gtfo. hahahah it is not a slight as might be perceived by the Simeonoff family name, Kelly Simeonoff was my step grandfather, and I held out hope, he would end up as my grandfather, and although, they had turbulent times growing up, they had a solid relationship as adult. I was never made to feel like I was not a Simeonoff, except, my mom. she knew. dad did too, guess what, I told me favorite cousin Fred, he was confused, nobody ever told him, but it really had a negative effect, that side of the family has never been the same, but as with many things there is more to the story, maybe later. So after that find I was sparked by another family secret that I had been working on, perhaps as clear as day, right in front of me. My moms family was a little harder to decipher, but luck for me, I had quite a few cousin on both lines, her immediate Monson line, seemed to be convinced that they were all Monson, even though my mom, had been told all her life, she was not a Monson. I wanted to change my name to Monson at one time, as it was the closest I had to a genuine family line, but with reservations as you see. there were too many Ollestead and most are at odds with me, along with other issues 🙁 the other option was Fadaoff, which would be in line with my dad’s cousins, Ronnie Fadaoff, this is the supposed Royal line, but it also has some dark things, perhaps a murder in plain sight, as in common knowledge. more on that stuff later. I spent lots of searching through everything I could find in Nome Alaska, this was during the great Alaska Gold Rush. I could not find my grandfather Fred Monson birth in Nome, only a child named sikuk or something of the sort. The DNA was not helpful as there were Monson in the database, I did not know any of them first hand, there were 5 kids in the Monson clan, my Aunt Ida was the oldest followed by my mom, my Uncle Fred, Uncle Gilbert and aunt Grace, not sure which one is younger, anyway my big break came with a DNA match that was right in front of me, but since having switched gears towards the Ingram search, I had lost interest.. but when I hit the brick wall at joseph Colin, I had taken another look at my Moms Paternal line, we had 3 known Monsons on my DNA list, so it was easy to separate them from the Cleghorn/Ollestead group. I had a close Match, I had my Moms DNA profile also. I do not know if I had just missed it before or if I was too green to see the match. my mom had a match 500+ CM, which is close, and matched close to me. it was a TT, they had a small tree, but not much. The problem was this could be either a maternal match or paternal, the match was mostly Irish, and Norwegian, but with a grandfather from Iceland, not only that, but his profile was managed by his wife. I was able to ascertain, that both sides of his family line were known to him. We were Not Monson, no we were??? this is where it get confusing, I had already pulled my hair out on numerous occasions, trying to figure out the Paternal naming system used in Norway and changed in modern time. Iceland still uses this style. . Partonomic, I think. a son is named after his father, for instance, my sons name would be Richardson, my daughter, Richarddottir or something like that. hard to follow the line. I had also found lots of DNA relatives in Modern day Iceland, it intrigued me enough to buy a subscription to Icelandic roots. I have since learned about more family and history, here is a interesting find, my great Aunt had been married in Kodiak to an Anderson, he committed suicide, the coroner was my grandfather Kelly Simeonoff, they did not have a real coroner, so he was paid a stipend to attend to the body. The Same family that was living near the Ingram family in Seldovia. I had also found another suicide on the Ollestead family line, this one was from a few years back, he had been convinced he was being followed? I will post these tidbits, as time allows, I do not think sweeping things under the rug serves any purpose, except in the case of them still being alive. there some clear indication that there are more things to come to light, my future searches have a few goals as time allows, with the ingram line, I would like to connect the dots on josephe shackelford, he grew up in a orphanage, the main clues his middle name shackelford, and the fact he was born :12 APR 1842 Newburgh, Warrick, Indiana, USA, other that that, not much more to go on, except the few clues point to Ireland, but the DNA says Brittish, it is a mystery. The other big mystery, is my moms Grandfather, I have been unable to uncover more that paternatey and put him as my Moms grandfather, but there are some big questions. was this a one time deal? I mean a one night stand? there is history on the Monson side that says, there was multiple children from Karvel, but since none of them will take a DNA test, there is only one left, the mystery dies with her. was it abandonment as the Monson’s claim? or was a switch. We know the grandmother was Yupik. did she switch, what were the rights of Native women in that day and age? more research perhaps, maybe pay for a test, it not my priority at this time. I would like to resolve this case.

Karvel (Carvel) Einersson (Torlakson) the jury is out, for now

B:23 Sep 1878


my other DNA surprise came in the form of a new kid, what a surprise. a bouncy baby daughter 35 years young, with 4 kids. WOWZER. I had in the past had to take a paternity test, and was absolved, there were some rumors that I fathered a child with a distant cousin that was also rebuked by a DNA test, unbeknownst to me many years ago, yet the rumors still persisted, most likely by an unblood relative, passing unproven gossip. well that all for know, more to come with docs.

time to get cracking. :/