I woke up this morning and turned on the Roku news, it showed wind blowing through a town, my first thought, they had exploded a nuke, but in fact, it was a tornado, brought me back to my dream, when the sky exploded, or more accurately collapsed in one of my dreams. it was the end.  That was my thought as i woke up, grateful it was a  dream.

I find it discerning that we are under the lies and incompetence of government and the press, I watched this tucker Carlson video about how Ukraine is not a democracy, it is true, he has silenced all political parties and turned off the press. I have always said, Power corrupts, and he might have been credible, except his final rant about the election being stolen, all credibility was out the window, but I did look it up and it was true, is this some precept for far left to ban guns and silence the opposition parties and take over the press?  they have put zelensky on a pedestal, yet he has turned into putin, conscripted the population of men up to 60.  can you imagine?

I still bugged out about all the billions, billions, what is a  billion? 10 millions, I guess chump change, who will pay, us, we the people will pay at the pump, at the hospital at the grocery store, everywhere, we will pay, our lives will be effected, not if were making over 100 grand, they can afford 50 bucks a gallon. we the people that get our hands dirty to feed our faces.

We the People.

can they unite us all in a War against the russians and Chinese?

it it crazy talk? perhaps

I can imagine some bad shit doing down, like a room full of world Oligarchs, from all nations, agreeing to a limited nuke war to get rid of some of the population.

We the people are throw away people, Vietnam, Korea, to stop the communist, now we buy most of all our cheap shit from them from pills to wrenches, you can find something with china stamped on it in almost every garage and house in our Nation, we villi them yet feed their machine. We are the ultimate example of hypocrisy.

Now let me get something straight about my thinking on this. I  have always said it is not the people, but the way they are manipulated. I have no problem getting most people to agree, that most Americans are dumb, at least 60% probably more. They will blindly follow most anything, just to belone, they either can not or will not think for themselves. they are called democrat and republican, mom, dad, brother, sister, cousin, aunt, solder, lawyer, it is all walks of life, I know this to be true, the mass manipulation is prevalent in every society.  This I believe with all my heart.


that is why we should not vilify the chinese, the russians or any people, even the jihadist, they are brainwashed to believe we are infidels.

We the people, one of the freest of Countries should be seeking to set an example, jail politicians, media, or public figures for spreading lies.  Educate the people on Brainwashing, get everyone to think for themselves, it is  reach, to get people to think of the good of mankind, not personal good, but humanity good.

The Earth is ours, all of us, not to destroy and burn up our share. humanity. y not?

blah blah blah/ wont happen   we are all brainwashed as slaves in some fashion or another.  IDK why even say anything, just me and my journal, this is my peace, that and hiking and reminiscing of the past, thinking of new adventures, O O

I was thinking of being able to go to Alaska in the summer and catch fish, hunt traditional and other imported foods, I long to eat whale, seals and some Moose. maybe someday, hopefully “someday, never comes” does not happen.