Some people, no matter what you do in life, will always find ways to attack your character. I have been attacked my whole life for being my fathers son. your father did this, your father did that. where do we get this? What does the sins of the father mean? most of the stuff i hear, is not worth salt, but where do people get off attacking people for whom their parent are?

When someone does this, it is more an affirmation of their own lock of integrity, than mine, are you serious, your judging me on who my father is? now let me say, I have been guilty of this, our of anger, as it is not a reasonable thing to do. some say I’m just like my father, some say I’m just like my mother. I know mobsters or the Mexican cartel will murder a whole family. when you allow people to do that, your selling yourself short. they are being not more than a criminal mindset. is their hate so great, that they need more to hate, it does nothing to the father, it is a direct attack on you. We all have choices, well when you become self aware, you have more choices, you need to examine the whys of why you act or react in the way you do, and learn from the, we are not born being angry, life makes us angry, anger get passed down through generations

ok that’s enough babbling nonsense.