I like to remember my granny at times, she had lots of good insight for a Native, they were intertwined with the Russians, American and Native community. i find most of her thoughts still hold water to this day.

She used to talk about how,  she was glad she married one of her own kind, both Native, and white, mixed, I think they were mostly Russian and Native, but who knows, I often wonder if there is some real truth behind this.

I wonder how many mixed, as in White people marry Natives and do whatever possible to subjugate or in some cases downright sabotage them?  my imagination runs deep, maybe they are even paid to do so?   Dark thoughts? ANTS? no just wondering as you know this is my journal.

well as for me, me sweet Mary is my Own kind, as in I was raised as American as you can, nothing more American than Sunny Southern Californian.

quite neighborly around here, I think my neighbor was caught having an affair with one of the  neighbors, who would do such a thing? you wonder is he would be a target sitting duck in front of his house?  I have no Idea why I even mention this. perhaps is that he seems preoccupied with my house. it is creepy, but I guess that is how the Russians are. the truth is that I have lived here for 17 years, and never saw him, now he is out in front of his house everyday… watching watching what? I dont know but kind of creepy. he gave me some rotten fruit in a bag one day. maybe they are planning an invasion, or he is trying to hack into the local  ISP to crippler our system while they launch and invasion with their Chinese allies?

Maybe I am just going insane?