ok, so you ever heard that is how I would do it if it was my house, well, that does not ring true for me, well in the past for sure, not. often, I would be using leftover material and just making it functional. I had never liked working on my own home, in Anchorage, I put a new roof on and did some siding, but never painted it, it was primed, recently, went to look at that house, looks exactly the same as when we moved out. it was a nice neighborhood, nobody causing problems, everyone just worried about keeping to them selves, shit, I never saw them, it is bitter cold in the winter, here, I cant go outside, without them sneaking up on me. I’m going to have a heart attack one of these time. Anyway, I have since, changed my tune and getting house sale ready, not selling, but that last house, fixed it up and did not really get to enjoy it, just the money we made. We did have a scare recently, Mary came home and suspected a co-worker had covid, that and no AC led to a string of events, what to do, I may be susceptible to not making it out of an infection, but I already determined, if God wants to take me, he can have me. I will try to avoid, getting spit on by talkers and bad air or anything that may endanger me, but I am resigned to being infected, during my delirium, I thought Ok move to California and live in my car and make some money that way. my bro pulls it off, why cant eye? close to the beach, my dream job, build decks in the Malibu Zuma area. haha ok back to getting this house sale ready, have to paint it. 🙁 painted the pool, turned out ok, but had to use 2 different brands, the first brand a little darker white, but next year when it isn’t so hot, me fix better can not wait to dive in.