not masturbation either, but love thyself I know kinda goofy, kinda silly, kinda self centered?

I have come to embrace my self, I have come to embrace that I am  a Native American, specifically an Eskimo (yupik/Inuit, mom says yupik, dna says Inuit, but they both were near the same area, near Nome, Alaska) my Aleut, and Athabascan roots, too,  which are supiaq or some other new Politically corrected, how do they even know, how to translate to english? by sound, was there an alphabet? that better left to the scholars.  I am Native, and Proud to be Native, yes, and I am embracing being Native, not for entitlements, but for the sheer joy of being proud of my ancestral past, that also mean  I am proud to be White too.  Yes, it is true I have white pride. although I prefer to be more specific, Proud Norwegian, Icelandic, Swedish, English, Scottish, and  a wee bit of Irish and Russian they all have such great cultures. did you know that the Scandinavian, when they came to America were referred to as “fish eaters” not in a good way either, or square heads, still used to this day, but out of all my cultures that I descend from, the only one still under repression is my Native American. I feel that I am one of the last mohicans, well except for Zacky, he gots the dark skin, from my brownest brother Gbirt. the rest white washed, but still of Native decent, but they can pick, they have a choice, I can never say, I am full white, not many will believe me, and for sure, never say, I am full blooded Native American, they both know, I am lying if I do. I know some are blind and only see black hair as Native, or red blond hair with freckles and a full beard as white, I am so different from both, Mixed eye yam!

what does all this horse shit mean,  absolutely nothing… except to me.

I have decided to say fuck you, to all the whites that say, I am not white enough, and the same fuck you to all the Natives, that I am a  White man.

too DArk? maybe. but it has been a journey.

I am just a lone voice, in a sea of voices.

I will share my thoughts on my Native Corporation, but opinions are like assholes, we all have them. and eye do not expect or even want anyone to think the same bullshit that comes out of my pie hole, or in this case, my fingers.

Koniag Corporation, has become just that, with few exceptions, My Native Corporation has become a Business, without empathy for the Natives of Kodiak all over the world and it would be the best option, to move the land to tribes, and put the Corporation on the open Market for all to sell, buy and vote. This will give at least the families of the remaining original shareholders a chance at a decent end of life. the future generations are screwed, because that 1000 yearly dividend is not 250 with 4 kids and even less, with more descendants.

let the Board and the CEO see if they keep their jobs after it goes Public.

otherwise we just belong to a club,nothing else

I suggest downloading the app Robinhood, to get a handle on how the stock market works. that is just my 2 cents, the value of the Native stock in 50 years if left to be unrestricted. Kodiak has already been assimilated, except for some of the villages, or village, has zero inhabitants, and were not even allowed to live there our build, it is more likely a right only given to a select few. sell it all. we are assimilated.