We just flush, where does it go? who cares its gone.

we take for granted one of, if not the most significant modern conception, the sewage system, they turn that turd you just flushed into drinking water, well drinkable water anyway, not sure if anyone drinks it

of all the advances, this for me is the best, at least in the cities, my dark mind often says, look at all these people in the cities, a whole lot of shit

yeah I said it shit, my ma, used to say “SHIT”  almost half funny, but we are a clean  society, well at least not piles of the stuff everywhere, can you imagine all these people crapping all over the place? nfw

Then there was the great toilet paper shortage, well we never actually ran out, but I did see empty shelves, which had the manufacturers salivating at the profits.

have you ever used an outhouse, disgusting, well that and the spiders, spiders give me the creeps. I never liked using an outhouse. they smell, the hole is scary, look down, ICK piles of crap.  the smell just as disgusting.

did you know that the small boats, just flush into the Ocean? shit paper and all? true, can you imagine being on a fishing boat and having to empty or keep another tank, maybe they could use it as life raft floatation.

not sure of the impact, I am sure these supertankers and manufacturing makes a bigger mess, so o well

nobody likes to use a porta potty, at least not me, but in a pinch… shitty story I know

ok, so where do I go from here.

when I was a kid, in Uganik, I learned that I did not have to use the outhouse, it was far cleaner and more natural to just squat and let it go on the beach, and then push some  sand over it, or in the bushes, then go to the beach and wash the remnants off, no toilet paper needed, and much cleaner. fresh as a babies aarse

that reminds me of a story,  my trip to Bethel, Alaska, I had just returned from California and was living with my Mom and her boyfriend Paul, he was a nice quiet Electrician handy man, they lived in a trailer park off of Boniface, Paul had 3 daughters, Leslie, Monica and Chandra, they were cute funny kids, anyway I was an eye patch hard drinking unemployed bar fly, of sorts, no money, no honey, just me myself and eye. I was lost for sure, darkest hour, anyway, somehow I was able to get out to the bars, I met this lady from Bethel Alaska, she was enamored with me, and offered to fly me up to bethel, ok another adventure and free booze. well Bethel is way colder than Anchorage, and guess what else? they had no sewage system, this was about 1986 or 7,  a pretty big city, with no sewage system, not sure if they have one now, as the natives are second class, and do not need plumbing, I guess…  they had what they called “honey buckets”  5 GALLONG paint pails with a toilet seat on top, they would fill it up in a “bathroom” then move it outside when it go full, then they had a shit lagoon, where you could drop off your full buckets of shit.  not sure what happened after that. dumped into the Ocean?  this was well after the pipeline boon, at least a big boon to oil companies, and the state tax coffers, not the natives.
well that adventure ended, when I hit on here friend, sent back to  Anchorage, but still drunk, It is funny, that I can even remember this adventure, as I was drunk the whole time, the honey buckets were not the strangest thing, the weirdest was when during the “dead” she pee’d, it was warm, I know that is too much information, it was bizarre, the most ever, I mean who does that? maybe it was unintentional. I’m pretty open, but i draw the line, who clean that up? not me. lol

I know weirder and Stanger things in life, that was too far, so back to Anchorage I go. I got booted to  Kodiak after I got into a spat with Paul, we went fishing and I was not at all impressed, as never been big on the “Capt Ahab” syndrome that infects boat owners, when they expect you to be so grateful for ride in their boat, often it is like a prison, at least to me, I had already lived on boats, they were work, and I was a southern California kid, who ate hamburger helper, raised on cow tongue, didn’t taste a steak until my mid 20’s, the food in our fridge growing up, was gone, as soon as it hit the shelf, I am pretty sure I was undernourished until my mid 20’s at 140 lbs. and 5’10”  not exactly beefed up, but smoked until I was 22, then I started easting fast and as much as I wanted when not drinking. I did not really become overweight, until  I quit drinking, I was overweight, but not “fatso” at 235, after quiting drinking, it was by far a less harmful drug, I never got thrown into the slammer for eating too much.

so off to Kodiak I went, to live with my dad, he welcomed me with open Arms, we lived on Woody Island, in a shack, it was maybe 15×8 with one door and a window, what fun, it was a great adventure and probably the most peaceful times of my life. except for dad, he could be a grouch, the wort thing I remember, was when he would get to coughing at night, no sleep, just his constant coughing. I do not remember the bathroom situation. we had an outhouse in Uganik.

these days, I use a regular toilet, with a bidet attachment, people seem kind of weird about talking about cleaning ones bottom, almost like the death talk, very awkward, yet so natural, uptight? I do think yes.

You know how different people smell different, like the people from Mexico, blacks and even eastern people?  some of it is the food they eat coming out of their pores, but most of it is lack of hygiene, that toilet paper is very inefficient, When you smell someone, and it taint cologne, they have an ass wiping problem. they stink, because of poor hygiene. the shat coming out the other end, if they have covid, or the plague, everything they tough is infected and highly infectious. unless you use water with toilet paper or have the runs, it is still stuck to your arse

We have big hang-ups, but when it comes to being hygienic, people would rather stay dirty, I have been a germaphobe for quite sometime. I  hate to use public restrooms, or people who I do not know bathrooms, dirty, I do not flush, except with my shoe, but I do not touch the handles, or sinks or anything, unless I had to touch something, even then, I think it is safer to just wait until I can shower;)

Mask? not going to help. touch your face with infected fecal matter and your toast,

i have no idea why I blog some of the shit I do.  so go out and have a good day, regardless of my bullshit