I still get a bad taste in my mouth, when I hear politicians talking out thier ass holes, blunt talk for a personal blog, but so true, the whole fucking thing is preposterous, simply ridiculous
How about free health care for all, Well in the first place, Health care is a fucken joke, anybody that has had to deal with doctors and Insurance knows this to be true, well if you do some internet snooping, there are lots of studies, anyway, Free Health Care would be the biggest sham propagated on the American people ever.
How about Free Prevententene Services, NOw that would be helpful to millions, blunt truth, The reason you are suffering from this condition is all the Crap your eating, all the shit your stuffing into your face, and sitting around the house watching TV and all the stress of doing nothing is causing your body to atrophy. That subject can be even more in depth, but you get the gist.
In the present state, Everybody for any ailment would be flooding every doctor office in the Nation, but if they had to be first diagnosed first, diet exersize and then see what happens, well if they are not going to do what it takes to be healthy, then pay the piper, pay the Phama industry to fix your symptoms, pay the doctor to cut our the cancer from the stress and bad diet, the self imposed sickness.
that is it, my bullshit for today.
HOw much money will this cost, much less than all the military equipment left in Afghanistan, dumb sheep baaaaa baaaaa
get rid of the cars and bars and make sweet love to me
love that song, poor jeremiah
what about free schooling for all? this too should be a reality, We have the technology to create Online schools for everyone for cheap, cheap cheap. learn at your own pace, NO More faculty controlled classes, that is a crock of shit, this is the most prime example of keeping the status quo.
Keeping the Poor Natives down.
the could give every man woman and child an equal chance at a full Education, just a computer and some internet, Not 100k and wasted gas time and the unfair, often biased Schooling that you have to get at a UNiversity.(you see rich people paying for these degrees, athletes given them, and they cant pronounce simple words, enunciate.
The two things above will never happen, too many people getting rich off of the present system. Millionaire Coaches, Millionair Deans.

One of my main pet peeves is how they keep importing immigrants into the United States, when you have not even taken care of their own citizens
The Main reason, cheap labor, to clean their houses and pick grapes. Most of these people in the upper classes
Importing Doctors, Technical people, labor from other countries, but no money to train Americans first, maybe they should start importing Lawyers, Judges and Politicians from other countries, perhaps Iceland, Norway, Sweden.