well I continue on my thyroid quest, I feel great, except when I dont. last night I had a great invention, Chicken gizzards and hearts, with garlic, mushrooms, onions, and mini tomatoes all fried up in coconut oil on the stove, it was seasoned with red peppers, garlic salt and crushed black pepper, it turned out delicous, I even liked the crunchy gizzards, which can be pesky

for lunch I had 4 soft boiled eggs, I like when the center yellow is runny liquid, so good, such good vitamins.

I even slipped and had a butter sandwich, which consist of  butter slathered between 2 pieces of dave’s killer bread Powerseed, sweetened with organic jucies, only 1 gram per slice. butter is listed as a  thyroid helper.

for desert, at about 8pm, I had my usual desert, an orange, a bowl of yogurt sweetened with a teaspoon of raw honey and some blueberries

This is my go to diet, except in usually includes a big salad, Mary makes the best salads, she makes a KETO salad, that has so many vitamins, lots of avocado and other great greens, and she also makes a killer garlic Ceasar salad, which is extremely delicious, even when she overloads it with garlic, they can burn you mouth, but so good for us.

I do feel like I am overeating, but I have been doing my weights on a regular basis, and I do a small hike up over  a big hill and back, running, jogging sprinting along the route, I take both dogs and since it is not a regular hiking trail, I dont have to leash them.

then there  is my roller blading, in which i take both dogs, at separate times down to the park and back, Rhager, who had a birthday yesterday 1 year old, tows me most of the way, dangerous, but he listens pretty good, the trouble comes when dogs or people distract him, but he listens to “no” pretty good. We passed up a couple on bikes yesterday, blew right past them, all on dog power.  sophie, well she does not even need a leash anymore. she has become non-leash trained, she smarter than rhager in different ways, I say maybe equal. i ordered some protective gear, but never came, tried to cancel, not sure how that works, but ordered more from Amazon.

I getting some brain fog, and skin still seems thick, but feel pretty good. still stuck around 170, and cant seem to get rid of my “pouch”  I will post it with this, I am sucking it in, as not to look like a kangaroo mommy.

O, I almost forgot, my new super coffee, this is my new morning coffee, I was eating some unsweetened dark chocolate at night with my yogurt, but, it seemed there was a better way, after reading a blurb about the 3 foods that hypothyroid users should incorporate into there diet, and remember the bulletproof coffee, I came up with Richard bullet proof coffee,        it starts with some hot coffee, then add 2 squares of 100%  ghirardelli chocolate unsweetened, a tablespoon of butter, and some half and half I usually have to nuke it to drink, right away, but cool it down with the cream. man it really gets my blood pumping. love it. such a boost, way better than chewing down the squares. my other trick is kinda icky for some people,  superfoods, which include, cinnamon, turmeric, cumerin and garlic, and ginger, the garlic and ginger are hard to do raw, as they hot stuff, ginger, well it is not as taste, but he cinnamon and others, I  just pop some powder in my hand and pop it in me mouth like the old pixie sticks, only not pure sugar. eye had a sugar addiction from an early age, most likely helped accelerate my drinking addiction. there are studies that support that hypothesis.

I remember my first sugar overdose, in Uganik on kodiak island, I got into the sugar stash, and starting gulping it down, i almost choked on it. funny the things we remember. East point

O on a side note, before i get back to work, drawing up some plans for a garage.

I am learning the major system, well parts of it, anyway, it is a memory enhancement, which should be mainstream, but you only hear about it in College courses.  anyway, I supposedly willo be able to remember any number. If you teach your kids anything of value, teach them this system,that  with the pico, or forgot it LOL anyway the two together are the way to a photographic memory, only reserved for the ELITE.