Time for a Native rant, if your bleached and better because of it, you may want to exit out right now

I have had a good 40 years to ponder this whole Native thing, but not really until more recently, with living in Indian country and seeing what is still going on, that in conjunction with my newfound ‘Great courses online https://www.thegreatcoursesplus.com/ for those of you doing home schooling, this could be a bonanza, might even help them find their course, yeah a pun, funny to self

The whole Native land claims, reservations has always and it seems will always be under attack, not just forgotten, it seems there are whole populations in the phoenix area, who were welfare-red off of their reservation and relocated to the city, look at the salt river Indian reservation, a few houses, lots of trailers and huge Mega homes to the North, South and West in the cities of fountain hills, it is disgusting.

now who is responsible, blame white people, that is preposterous, not only that it is insulting, the average Joe on the street, has nothing to do with Native Americans, they are just glad it is not them. No it is government, Our Government for the rich by the rich, big business and big money, comes in all walkes of life, Wake up America, The Government created a welfare indian through assimilation and isolation, this problem is not just the Indian, lets take the Iraqi war for instance.

Saddam Hussein was a tyrant, and we were happy as long as he kept the peace, even when he gassed some Kurds, oh OK, it not our people, we have them grinding away at 9-5 sweat shops if they are lucky, no time to worry about Kurd’s, This is the thinking that got us into WW2 and we could have lost, if not for the Germans killing the Russians, they may well have won, that was Hitlers biggest blunder. no prisoners, Slavic s were considered mutant Asians. Russians were killing Russians with Stalin at the helm, millions, if for instance, Hitler welcomed the surrendered Russians into his army, I can assure you, the outcome would have been much different, I know its just me being me, again. that brings to mind Genghis Khan, he would assimilate and that is how the Mongol empire thrived, but I digress.

We invaded Iraq, with good reason, he invaded another country, but we should have when he gassed his own people, but the problem is, when we take over a people, We must make things right. We must also recoup our loss, create a government under our control and pump some of that oil back to America, but create a government that works for the people living there, did we think that just leaving was a good idea? what dumb mfkr thought that, here if a people who have been suppressed for who know how long, surrounded by hostile nations, I got new for you, this is not the first time, Our government has done this, except in the case of the Native Americans , they did not leave, they took moved and abandoned, even trying to erase their identity. There is some ironic things going on in our country, the democrats, whom say they are for the working class, want to send all the jobs to china, Mexico, anywhere but here, so they can sit in their high rises and buy cheap shit, they are perfectly content to send Americas poor to prison or put them on welfare, the good job, not they are not getting the good jobs, do you know why? because education has been a tool to keep them down, only the people rich enough can afford school, my daughter, is in debt up to her eyeballs because of getting a couple of degrees, no free ride, but a now,debt slave. We are the greatest Nation on Earth, at least for now, We can stay that way, but Americans, All Americans have to come first, with an equal chance.

blah blah blah, time to get in the pool… yeah I know, but ive worked hard most of my life, one eyed cancer survivor with a few lucky breaks, but no free ride ever, but also, I have been driven by a thirst for knowledge, and to eat, and feed our children, The “free money” we have gotten from being Native, would not have kept a crack meth addict happy, and that poison is dirt cheap.

One thing, are you saying that WE the most industrialist Nation on earth, can not come up with a way to Keep the Native American way of life and still benefit America? I believe it is very possible, especially with all the waste that is in our county, and the amount of money spent on foreign governments. Is not America first for the Native Americans too?

Where is this rant coming from? from the local rag finally reporting real news, not just repeated bullshit, the same old shit regurgitated over and over, It was about the Navajo Nation, how they are being schooled not only in substandard but with an almost purposeful intention

Natives have been shadowed for the time before the reservation, and are still being to this day, Alaska in ground zero, Natives as business, Native business great thing, great idea, but not as cultural tribes, here you are, your not a family, or tribe, YOU ARE A BUSINESS, dog eat dog, mentality, the thinking is to have them kill each other off, not in a literal sense, but a cultural sense, which is in a sense genocide, let me clarify this thought, and it is only me warped thinking, another dumb Indian, I say that because, in the past it was normal to say your intelligence was determined by the amount of native blood quantum you had, it is documented, not me making shit up. ;/

it is not just Natives being murdered culturally, it is white cultures too, the word white, puts us all in a basket, a nice racists basket, well not nice, but convenient to lop us all into the same bag, or to exclude other people, no we are have roots too, and they are many and varied, and although I am proud of them, none of the others were part of my welfare, as in passing down culture, but thanks to Facebook, I do get a sense of culture Icelandic, Norway and even Swedish, you see, I come from a bastard breed, left to fend, my father was a bastard child of an Englishman, he was raised in an Orphanage, and at times with a step father, that was also part Native, but that is not my real point, I am a white Native, but i even though my genes are mostly white, The Native Maternal side is what I was raised under, that is when I hear that song by credence, no fortunate son, yeah, it rings true, but that is common with the Irish, Scandinavians, and anyone considered different, either by skin, speech, religion, or whatever. The big difference, the next generation is assimilated, meaning? well their kids, no longer talk like an Irish limerick joke, but the same as everyone else, Me, I got the mostly white genes, but does that make me white? kinda, makes it easier to escape detection. maybe eye should proof this, but not today that is enough yapping from my lips today, WE need to make America great for everyone, maybe that means even better for the status quo, I do not know, I do know that the playing ground has to be leveled out, more rant later,