I have been doing more research on my ancestors and my family tree on Ancestry, lots of work, well you have to search then look and look.  it mindless fun for me.

So, I have a few brick walls as they say in genealogy, finding the death of my great grandma Ida, and the rest of my Native ancestors, you see, I am not just from One Native branch but several.

They go back to the great grandparents before I have an full blooded, they kept track, but finding them is a needle in a haystack. Nome Alaska, was not full of Russian settlements as much as the southern Coastal areas. In kodiak you have lots of “breeds” or mulato,s as they called them or just “mixed”

In Nome, they during the time my grandfather was there, they are mostly full blooded or 1/2, very few 1/4 or 1/8, that is mostly because it was virgin territory for the United States, probably like that up north too. The costal areas were awash with rape and conquest of the Russian, and “assimilation of the Americans. is it the same, does not seem like it, but you be the judge, your under the control of a superior force, anyway, that not what I intend to write, no I am searching for my Original Native ancestors, I have them on all fronts, until Ancestry, I had no full blooded white relatives, I still only know them through facebook. I feel, they accept me as long as I act assimilated, not all as I can not judge, but there is a disconnect, most likely on my end;/

anyhoo, so here is my breakdown,  my great grandfather Nick fadaoff was Russian and he was Native from Uganik bay, on kodiak island, I also found out, that Uganik was a big settlement, one of the larges during the initial American Occupation and had one of the largest Native student populations. WOW, never knew. They kept track of all the towns and cities, how many native students.

now my great grandmother Ella, she was mostly Russian, if not all Russian, although she may of had some Native, not much, but some, maybe 1/8 or 1/4 at the most. you see it is hard to find if they mixed, because Once they get to be white enough, they only claim the white, unless there is money to be had, assimilated.

that is my dads side, my moms side, I still searching, there was my grandfather whom I mentioned, and then my grandmother, she was Athabascan, and Scottish, and perhaps from 2 different Native tribes,  this I will look at today. see if I can find some Native Names. I need to find out the process of naming the savages, they all of a sudden pop up with American names. I do feel  a sense of at least the United States wanting to do the right thing for Alaska Natives, but with often the wrong people, really hard to find compassion with hardcore humans, at least they did not try to wipe us out as they did in California and the American Indians, they decided to kill them with diabetes, well that is all Americans, are being killed and made to be fat dumb and happy. we woneder why we feel so good when we are drunk?  think about it

blah blah blah, let me write some more controversial shit now..