We have another dog!!  yes it is true. a shepard Husky mix. his name is LOKI, jt named him, Rhaegar is a little annoyed, but he did protect the little fur monkey, when sophia got to close.

I am finally getting around to adding the conduit and connecting the wires on my sub panel for our jacuzzi jets, a pain in the ass for sure, using 4 # 6 wires in the conduit and some 6-2 insulated wire in the attic. Home depot and lowes have only half the parts needed, so I am going back and forth, I thought I could use an existing junction box attached to our main panel, but it had a 1/2″ hole, witch is under the  minimum code  for those wires, so I used 3/4″ which is the min. hopefully today I will fire up the jets. (but I could have just used an extension cord, but that would not be kosher)