I bought a new game, on the advice of me brother Elijah, and as usual he disappeared… anyway, it is not as  good as battlefield4 but it is different, more like an updated version of counterstrike from the old days, my first game was Quake, then QuakeII back then you had to create scripts to make  specific key bindings, now its all just clickety click, nice. This new game has more youngsters for sure. it runs ok on my PC, the biggest thing is that this plays on game consoles, which I do not have, and have not had one since we had an Activision game in the early 80’s Anchorage. well we tried some nintendo deal, but that was a waste, I had always wante dto play online with my bro’s, but that never happened.  I knew better to think this time would be any different, you know what they say, you keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, well that is insanity at its core,  try I must, but I do know, my trier is getting worn out. I am finding, unless I offer monetary or above just friendship  benefits for most people, I might as well be a leper. Sad but true.

anyway, I had to turn the voice off, they really like to chatter in this game, I dont mind the text chat, but not interested in chatting with strangers, or other peoples children. I always thought gaming was an easy way to stay connected to family and friends, It ends up being more of a time killer or a temp escape from “thinking” which can wear a person out. I have the version Cold War Call of duty season 2, has some good loadouts and has the same BF deal where you gain weapons and attachments as ou progress through the ranks. my user name is either wdywdpkr or Viking_Eskimo  not sure how to do the friend add thingy, that takes some thinking, i tink