Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008 08:09:47 -0800

A couple of things –

1. Richard you need to send your e-mail to all shareholders explaining why the proxy is not being developed and distribution not being made to shareholders. It is because of you that our attorney  has  quit.

2.  I think you need to consider resigning, because we seem to get one step forward and you become involved w/your ideas and we go five steps back.

3.  You need to quit condemning my name and character, people can only take so much and I will see you in court if you continue to do so and you can spend your money defending yourself.


I hope Kathy will reconsider and you should personally call her and apoligize.


I know it is difficult to have three siblings on the board, no one seems to want to speak their piece plus this e-mail procedure does not seem to work in a timely fashion.


If all of  you really want to help the shareholders, you cannot remain silent.  Please, I beg you to act accordingly. I thank Ellen and Alyce for all their efforts.


I will not stay on a board if you fiscally mismanage money and the board will be liable for tax consequences.


Good luck today.

I won’t check e-mail until tonite.