So, it has been a long way, embracing my Native Ancestry, and on the same swoop, turning away from the Native  culture of today, which is not Native, but more in line of a governmental puppet system.

that is not to say, that I will not accept any measly payments that they decide to sprinkle on the ground, or jobs or benefits, that may be of benefit, no that would be lame, but I have not interest in your dealing, and except for checking if the mail has a check in it,  eye see no reason to read your propaganda, just like the koniag letter they all go into the trash unread.  My thinking is now, to pass down the shares, even though my family has integrated into society, and need nothing from these entities, it is their decision to make, if they give it to charity, or as my son John has declined it entirely, he did get the village, but not for wanting, it required nothing on his part. I am starting to feel it is more of a curse than a blessing. so much wasted time, so many hard feelings. I have half a mind to give it all away before i go to the spirit in the sky.