Well another classmate has passed away, she looked so vibrant and healthy, she was one of the few I like to check up on, I had seen she was having some issues, but she looked fine. She was very popular back in the high school days, she was one of the coveted Sand Canyon Girls. this is a road south of town, which has lots of acreage homes, horse properties if you will, She was a beauty, inside and out. she had a love for her family and her pets. so unfair. I always feel bad that I did not reach out and say hi, but life is complicated, I knew here in my sophomore year at Canyon High, her besty or one of them was Holly Degnan, a temporary kissing partner of mine 🙂 loved to kiss, it was so much fun. I remember holly had this yellow sleeved baseball warmup shirt, not sure what they call them with the colored sleeves, really classy girls, I have been blessed to have know so may pretty and very classy girls. I cant remember if it was wendy or holly, but one them had a horse that kept throwing my off, and i would get back on and it would throw me off. never got a ride, not an easy deal like the circle K horses. I met the parents way back then, They still look familiar, but that is the way I know, I think I met them ;0  she loved that big dog, that I know from her profile. you maybe sometimes, we just get to know someone by their profile, what they decide to share, to me that is a gift, that I try not to spoil, so I admire from afar, I have been known to like and  LOve  with a thumbs up ro heart, but lately, beginning to think maybe that too, will be misconstrued, o this is about Wendy O wendy what went wrong.  The beach boys song,  everytime I hear the word Windy or Wendy, I sing that verse, and I think of the 2 wendy’s Ellerd and Melton pretty pretty and pretty song.  I wish I could give her  a hug. maybe when my time is up. if god looks past my imperfections RIP Wendy Ellerd