I learned another lesson, on my latest project, I should have bid that out, and charged the 10 grand a legitimate plumbing contractor would have, even more if it included everything, sometimes trying to do a good thing, can backfire, not that it was the customers fault, anyway live and learn, or just live and let live, this is after all my personal journal, which is public, kind of :/  yes that and slamming the children, that was also uncalled for, even in venting, as someone may read that, and think I am against families living together past 18 years, NO way JOSE, that is not my message, my message was, I have reactions and feelings, I am human, did I mention this is an online journal?  Our society is made to break up families, we wouldn’t want any groups, especially families forming different options than us, they may figure out it is all a sham/scam to get our empires built.  It is a wonderful thing that this family can live together! and they are a team, a well oiled team. I messed up, a few times, and learned a valuable lesson. That is what life for me is about, improving, always getting better, if you were to compare my early contracting days to today, it would be night and day, I do  like my current formula, maximizes profit and work that I do and saves money for my customers. My other mistake, is making children, or acting/thinking like children is bad, hell, anyone that knows me, this is my Mantra, think young, stay young, live to have fun, teach  your children, life is short have fun, live  your life. The key is finding something, you like to do that can put food on the table and a roof over your head. I always loved framing, building, digging, thinking, planning our the project, even roofing, all though those shingle packs are a pain in the ass humping up a ladder, but it builds confidence, character and makes money, but my favorite is framing, figuring it all out, the roof line, the headers the corners the structural, that is me. The plumbing is also like that, kind of, its hard to find a clear video, I should have made a video, my procrastination has gotten me AGAIN!! but it is all in the codes, even the right fittings. well that is it, so if you read this an live with your family 🙂

I am grateful today for being alive and well, feeling good, feeling spry, lifting the weights enjoying the sunshine, looking forward to the future and family

Richard & Emily Sarah & Jackson are coming next month, and we are blessed with J.T.  everyday 🙂 live love forgive live love repeat

thaaaaaattttttssss ALL FOLKS!!