Ok, so I had to go the Emergency room, well not had to go, but here is what happened, I woke up and could not move my right Arm, I was crippled up, and it was not getting better, I saw some stuff online that it could last for months, well that bs. so I just started working on healing, but then I got to thinking maybe it  is out of the socket. so I did a search online and found a page, on what to do if your arm comes out of the  socket when your can not get to a hospital, so I tried it, it was very painful and could not get the whole rotation completed, It looked like a crease on that arm, that the other did not have, and there is a partial dislocated. anyway, I went to the doc, and they wanted to know why i had not come in sooner. well I hate hospitals, for one, and the other it is a 40 min drive, anyway long story short, they gave me some stuff and said that I most likely had frozen arm, and scheduled me with Ortho, not they said call them, but the my other doc, said they are months out, better to go online and start exercises. that is what i did, but the crease is gone and I am almost good again. starting the New bathroom Monday. Im going to have to use some cripple tricks, that I use on big beams for the framing, unless  i miraculously get back all my strength and mobility, I can imagine some people would use that as a free ride, for me, it was a potential nightmare.