I do they they need to get to the bottom of the Capital debacle, not sure if going after an EGO driven TRUMP, who espouse this Media attention, It does seem to be alot of vengful rhetoric, from Political Hacks, is this the right move, do bring Americans together, this nimskil, thinks not, but I’s just one sheep of many who have had enough, maybe he should be, but I would insist on his pulpit, also being held accountable, Twitter and Facebook, whom have shown the ability to censor, whomever they please, for whatever they please. NOW after years of Nonsense, they censor, him after the crime of being able to manipulate, millions of sheep? in a Charles Manon like attack on the Capitol? maybe a witch hunt to find all the people who voted for trump and having them charged as an accessory, The dumb asses that just wanted a good job, or jobs, without having to compete with every illegal that gets past the border, or the ones buying cheap Chinese tools, because they can’t afford to buy American tools, or all the baby products harmful to our children? Jobs for Americans, not digging ditches, maybe American want all these nice outsourced Tech jobs, Or maybe they want to be a doctor or Nurse, but it is much cheaper to to import them from India, pakistan, or Mexico. Is there a law in the works to give these social media Billionaires a pass?  they are not only the tool, but the Catalyst. now they want to turn tail and run.