howdy howdy says Wrob.  well well well. here it is friday in August, still now work, bunch of penny pinching going on  with these biden people, but you want to know the worst part, the Trumpsters are way cheaper, this idiot was justifying ripping off contractors. big fat feller, in the back of memind, i imagined him getting frisky and me punching him in his fat belly, hahahahhah true, but I know better.  why people think they can push their fucking sheep ass agenda on people is beyond me.  Political horseshit.  Ok so I have been working towards a better future, but it is riddled with paper work. wasted another day on the  help poor indian bullshit. lots of talk, no help. anyway its a waste of time, just needa  few hundred thousand, or maybe a couple hundred thousand to start building off grid homes. the big problem with this plan, it puts me at the mercy of local governments, in Indian country, here in Arizona the Indians are hated as much as the Russians, of which I am both. well not really an Indian, more a Viking Eskimo with messy hair. ahhahahahha I crack myself up.

like george Constanza from Seinfeld, wondering when I will finally crack, like humpty dumpty. I have no idea, where all this comes from, just shows how much creativity I have :/  lol

spew spew spew, you know it does no good to vent, especially when your making tit up as you grow. grow grow your boat lonely lonely down the stream.