Well, it is looking like my original assessment of my relation to the Vinberg and Kashevaroff was wrong, we were related through Marriage, I had the wrong connection, we were not related to Katherine, at least that is the way I see it, she was a Fox, I am related genetically to her husband Andrew, I must map this out before I forget. I did find some genetic matches to fox, but it was by marriage, had me confused, she was actually a Merculief, which is another family connection, I always feel a little reluctant to discount marriage relationships, when in fact, they are, or were a much bigger part of the family than the genetic connections, but this is genetics, for good or bad, I seek the truth. my journey has connected me to many people and given me a satisfying look at  all the people involved in bringing me into this world. think about it, one chink in the chain missing, well, there is nothing, the whole chain is broken, and learning about all my newfound cousins, if only on paper or a shared life connection, brings me satisfaction in knowing we are all together in this human journey.