Ok, one of my favorite foods is prime Rib, last night, I showed no more restraint than our dogs, maybe that is why my sweet mary calls me the “big Puppy”  I think I gained 10 pounds, most of which came out down under this morning, but I do think I solved my chest pain issues, more likely stomach issues, than heart, as I have pushed it pretty hard, and it seemed to get stronger, I am not a doctor, but I play one in my real life.)

well happy new year?  for who? you?  I think I have to figure where to get in line, for food stamps, as in Arizona, the good jobs are relegated to the illegal clans from the south, at least if I wanted to work as an insignificant slave. ok look at this picture

Land on the right, Salt River Reservation, sparse barren land,  cotton fields, trailers, surrounded by Mansion, and the people resent the Natives, most of which live in the shithole cities, on shitty jobs, if they are lucky, not slaves? what is the deal, I am just an eskimo observer, the hospital and medical sucks here, had anohter bogus appointment, Indians fighting over funding, while billions is funned to specific people.  been going on since the land was invaded. here is some land, but forget about being able use this prime land for your people, you want land, live in Tee Pee.