I love to think and overthink, that is who I am, I think therefore I yam hehe

The key to overthinking, is to accept things that you can not change, and for me, is Turing that stuff over to God, it is my religion.

without overthinking, I probably would not be in business, as construction contractor, Murphy’s Law, comes to mind, “what can go wrong, will go wrong” sometimes it is not so good, when overthink about people, well that is a wild cared at best, we never know, what is going on in peoples lives, life is hard, can be hard, I am grateful for the life I have, for all that accept me in any form, I am grateful, yet this comes with caution, as there are as many haters as allies, and how do you know, which is which? I was going some things related to my whole family mindset, which had been tested with my new family, long story short 🙂 anyway I was overthinking, about people, whom are not relevant, that not right, I mean, I like to be liked, but I do think that some people do not like me, never will like me, and even hate me. h8t is a strong word, I can honestly say, that i hate nobody, h8t is a waste of time and energy, ok enough procrastinating, time to finish a deck. post some pics, I put the door in on Tuesday.