Finding the truth in our society is near impossible for me…

Ok, so this Ukraine War is Biden war, him and his son Hunter, that is the far right, the capitol stormers take on why Joe has such a personal interest.

All this is bullshit, WE are just Pawns in a mud slinking war between Democrat/ communist and republican/ Nazis  their sole motivation for all of this is a smokescreen of what is really going on.

What I am implying is that it is all bullshit. Covid: Bullshit Masks: bullshit  war in Ukraine: bullshit  Afghanistan: bullshit  Inflation: bullshit  shortages: bullshit.

there is more to come, mark my word, the puppet masters are not done yet, they plan some new world order, a cold war? I have no Idea, but something much different, we are looking at heading into a massive recession, that I know, it has been inevitable and is our history, how bad, maybe the worst we have seen. All of these fucking sanctions are just bullshit, Russia is fueled by this whole gas increase, and can shut down Europe with cutting off the supply, what does this mean, that it cripples all economies, eye dont have to be a rocket scientist to know that, this whole war is perhaps, a way to test conventional weapons of both countries, a mock up. I can only think of how many billions the rich people are making and our governments are filling their coffers on those millions, hospitals are flush. Big Business is flush, and we are supposed to be grateful to have menial jobs and enough food and gas to get to the store, while supporting the local Russian Conflict. I have empathy for these Ukrainians, just as I do for the Palest nines, the syrians, and the Afganies.

Why are we spending billions? hundreds of millions, pissing our  tax money away. I think this whole Biden deal has something to do with  our commitment, we are a nation of hypocrites. Selling weapons, buying gas, feeding the hate in the world.

we are spending billions on these refuges, but we have homeless people spread all across the united states, we have one of the highest refugee population in the world, they are called homeless.

Our county is blind, almost half of them have  mental issues, caused by our lack of empathy towards the family unit, the children, most of this preventable, but no, we have billions for Ukraine.

The great United States of America, how do we treat our captors, the Native Americans, poor healthcare, no water, no way to create communities, get off your ass and do our menial labor, or well ship in a bunch or  cheap labor to do it, this has not changed. Billions, Trillions, to fill up the Democrat coffers, the cites, States, fill them up, pay big salaries to all these over educated lazy paper pushers.

The Evil Twins  Republicans and Democrats, one  feeds the Rich, and one corrupts the Poor.

I spit in the face of all you liars.

your ugly humans, hiding behind your mud slinging truth distortion ways.

Do we really think starving our russia will result in anything less than a Nuclear War?

really?  Japan ring a bell?  they have the lowest homeless rate, at least they are governed more by shame, shame on all of us Americans for letting these dirty parties rule our country.

it is a shame, that all we can get for our money is

A NAZI TRUMP Or old Man delusional crooked Biden, that is our picks. bunch of liars.

Billions, it comes off their tongues pretty easy, I can hardly say hundreds.

this is vitriol, i feel vitriol, and there seems to be no end in sight, I see the brandon bullshit and the mask people, bunch of sheep BAAAAAA BAAAAAAA sending us to war or the poor house.

Pandemic alert, shut downt the whole fucking county next time, not just haircuts and bars, dummies, or leave it all  open and support the people who want to be helped the vulnerable.  that is freedom you fucks