YES IT IS TRUE, i bite the hand that feeds me, or in this case, that saved me from rotting away.

I feel it is time for one of my disclaimers:  Getting a potential life ending cancer is one of the most life changing or ending things that can happen to you, or in this case me.

Some may think I hold resentments, h8t or loathing for the institution that saved me from rotting away, or worse dying under the hands of some Dokter jekyll.

That statement could not be further from the truth.

But, yeah always  a butt

when faced with meeting my maker, my penchant for searches became a “Quest”

my quest started after the surgery, The Mayo, went into Cancer mode, I was assigned a team of specialist. they took my picture, that was creepy, as I thought, this is my death picture.  this all happened very fast, before the start of my quest to learn all i could about Cancer, specifically throat cancer.

Before I knew it, I was back to playing baseball, I played a tournament in Las Vegas, with Marc and David Dupuis.  it was good seeing them again. I should have went to see Randy Long, this was before he was diagnosed with lung cancer and subsequently died, a couple of years later. We played ball, I was weak as shit and I smoked marijuana and took pills.

Let me talk about the Mayo for a second, my surgeon was a Dr. Richard Hayden, an older gentleman, gruff around the edges, like me perhaps, only way more educated and skilled. he is definitely not the person that you want to do a consult with, but he is the Man you want cutting you open.  his surgical team consisted of Carlenee Donald and Dr. Nagel,  Dr Nagel was my favorite, as he worked in his fathers Concrete company, before ascending the rank and file of doctor, he was still a student at this time. Both Carlene and Nagel were great consults, and I believe they had gotten themselves into hot water on a few occasions in my case, but they were great at hand holding. Dr. Nagel as he his now called,  became more distant after the surgery, as he was the one who sewed me back up, practice makes perfect, and you know what they say, your mistakes… well they had to reopen me as my blood pressure fell and had to re-sew me up, not sure how all that goes, there are some metal clips involved.

Let me say this, there is not a hospital in the world, that I would rather go to than the Mayo Clinic. none. They have the best, and they are the best. their system, their people, even the parking is superb.

Now, I do not know how many patients that they get that are “like me” I am special, of a special cloth, so to speak

I am Alaska Native, always have been always will be.

As good as the Mayo Clinic is, they still are run by rank and file “humans” and we are infallible, we are flawed, some of us more than others. me included, big time

That coupled with the American Medical Association and the Untied States Government, this is to say, they are under the regulations that are set forth or decreed, whatever term you want to use.

They are under protocols, of the higher up administration, and the Government regulations, that incudes the Lawyers, who try to make sure they limit legal challenges and all the boo pucky. Maximize money coming in all that crap.

That means, that they are under guidance of the “system” that treats the symptom, not the cause, but in this case, the cause was HPV, and my bad diet, my stress, and my lifestyle, although I had quit drinking many years before, I still had the “American diet, and lifestyle” on my back.

so please understand where I am coming from, this is not a vindictive post about the Mayo Clinic, but more an informational and journal of my experiences, good and bad, for one thing,

I have my whole medical history at my fingertips, just a login away. they gave me everything, every test, every consult, I was informed, although at times, the protection system was always there,  I loved when Carlene typed up the after deals. the skinny on my treatments, lots were omitted, but not all, some were changed later, I read these religiously.

ok I tire of this and need to do some work, maybe a couple of updates, and I will write more on my cancer journey, but do not think I am attacking the Mayo or its team. Our system is the one that needs an overhaul. I was taking at least 10 pills during this time, well not true, I weeded it down to 2 or 3 pills, the steroid and the liquid red juice, which was delicious 🙂 drank it like punch. (morphine juice or equivalent) ok back later bye for now must soldier on!