So, I had set my post to private, but after a good sleep, decided it is better or left on, my reason, it makes me angry to be portrayed as some  lecherous internet troll. 
Yes, I can not control what people think. 
I have not always chosen forgiveness over confrontation, yet it is the only path for my sanity and well being. 
The Evil will eventually die, Evil is as evil does. 
The trick, to defend myself without naming names, yes I know the sources of this slander, those who perpetuate, often under the cloak of an angels wings, it would 
do me no good will, to join in the same game.
I am still a father, and it is far better to be that of a forgiving person, than one that is runs on envy, greed, revenge or whatever fuels their black hearts. For some, it is just passing down, to the next generation, the poison they inherited from their family
I must be traveling on, there are too many places to see
there is too  much life to be lived, too many people who want to love and be loved, not is a possessive way, but a clean puppy kind of way. not in a controlling kniving way, but 
puppy love, good ole puppy love, nothing dirty, just good clean love
isn't that what live is about, love, not wining, or being better than someone else, or making yourself superior, but life should be about helping others make sense 
of this life of ours, right? I will  not be part of the problem, if I have to delete every last person in my life, that exudes poison, so it be said, so it be written
truth be told, Our dogs and cats are loved far more than most, true love. that is not how it has to be, We are human, we choose how we act, how we love
ok enough of this, let me see if I can come up with something more fun. 
One last quip, if I make you uncomfortable, please delete me, from your life, Please do, nothing worse than false prophets, friends, or family