Ok, Somehow I need to get off the political bullshit wagon, but not before one last post.

We can not watch broadcast TV or the News, without some sort of attack on the other side, or on facebook Black lives matter, All lives matter, All cops matter, no cops matter, and more, but the worst part is that all this seems planned, by both sides, what are they really hiding? Why do we never hear about the issues? what is their Plan? Actually I guess they both have plans the Republican plan, is the rich make money and it flows down to us workers, that sounds good to me, where do we catch it? o we have to work for it? no problem, just want fair money to make a living without having to grind my body into the grave and be able to retire at some point. the democrats is to take care of the poor, health care for all, that seems reasonable, except, they have many caveats, that are not for the working class, but the lazy class. the my friend, is most likely tied to their lack of education. there seems to no problem, tying the 2 parties together, right? Healthcare is a mess, just look at the pandemic, nothing clear, just mud mud mud and more mud. nobody should die from lack of care, nobody. Medical is not just free care, it is Health and Wealth of our Country. this could be just the start of pandemic Wars. My real reasoning for thinking about all of this, WAR. we find this whole covid thing like a episode of the twilight zone, or outer limits, I love those shows, keeps the brain open and thinking, I know most of us our trapped in our worlds, as We know them. to really think outside the box. we need to see all sides. I have been studying Hitler lately, and although the Alt Right is definitely a Racist bunch of monkeys, The left or Socialist Dems, are pushing for things that were done by the Nazis. taking rights away. equal, has nothing to do with taking rights away, Making sure that everyone has the same rights, that is good. It seems to be all about control, nothing to do with the virus. People who can think for themselves need to look beyond the party lines. We need to see, the intent of both parties, and ask ourselves, Why is there no real plans or debates on real issues? and why is there so much fluff and bullshit put into every bill that has ever been sent to the Senate or President? What is the fukn plan? The can spend millions on spying on American citizens, but lack the ablity to track this virus Realtime? Ill tell you why, The COST, these large hospital entities want more money to fill out a form and input into a National Database. the Cost Millions. yet they piss it away on already antiquated computer systems. ok I think that is enough poison for the time being. they are doing thier jobs if it is to distract, everyone is distracted, We are all worried about wearing mask, when we could end up in WW3, You know it is possible now, look around at the peole, they look lost, almost confused. I have had to try and dump, my happy go lucky persona, actually its a realsona, 🙂 new word, YES. Hitler was jaiiled at first, but he was able to capture a whole country of sheep.