Ok, so I posted something on facebook, that was controversial, with lots of thoughts and opinion’s, well when it comes to opinions, I have an asshole too!! just like opinions, here is mines, not to be confused with yours.

shall I rant, why not? if this keeps up, I could be imprisoned for speaking up. that is where your rights are heading, me, I am headed to the “spirit in the sky” we all are, we just want to extend our earthly trip, why? why is it so important to stay alive, it would not be much of a sacrifice for Jesus, if life was not precious, right? ok enough of my babble, on that subject, the MASK, does it help? yes, it does, I think it does if your talking face to face, within 2 ft, or farther in an enclosed space with bad air. I am not a scientist, and why there is not data on transmission of this virus type, is just one more reason to think, this is a trap, manufactured. So this friend from Washington, shames me, on my beliefs and calls peeing your pants science, when the science was in the article that was pasted on my timeline. I have been a practicing germaphobe, since my cancer adventure, I get sicker than most, and it always seems like the cancer has come to take me to the lord, but usually its just the treatments, after effects, chemo radiation and the knife.

I like to consider myself a researcher of sorts, well Internet searcher, I do have a few rules in accepting information as fact, or close enough to heed warning. When this first came out, I was one of the first to have a mask on. I have since become a non mask wearing survivor, with a trust no one! attitude, these mask are giving people a false sense of protection. I see most people are putting them on half assed or looking through and lots of touching their faces. The eyes would be the easiest transmission for something like a droplet to get into our system, the nose? it has to work its way up through your sinus and back down, brush your teeth mouthwash. the lungs, are the next, but it has to survive the stomach. no the eyes are a droplet transmission. I take thorough shower evert night, with the intent of washing off any virus still on myself, becoming aware of potential transmission sites, like gas pumps, cash registers, carts, and anything that is touched by others, here is anther one of my tips, I do not wash my hands in public bathrooms, and actually abhor their existence. wake up people, the bars cars and parties, are doing the transmission. avoid talking close, at all cost, or wear a mask if you can not stay far enough away. the mask is a tool. it only works if you DE sanitize before and after any potential exposure.

behavior is the cause of transmission. people who go to the bar, or restaurants, that then take it home. or people having sex or kissing, how about if you both have protection a condom for the man, and uti gadget for the girl and then you both wear masks, have sex, do you get covid? I say yes, no help with mask or condom, maybe not a baby, but your sharing germs. No? really? maybe you try pissing yourself and seeing if it gets on someone. 🙂 ok that enough dark? really though mask are fine, but you need to do much more, trust nobody, no way, no how. especially when it comes to your babies. I have come to the conclusion, that I will get this, and hopefully survive, it seems inevitable, I have to work, I have held out long enough and now its peaking, I will wear a mask, but not unless, I have to get closer, than six feet’s. how can I feel so strong, and so weak. I am still so glad that all the 15 and 20 hour fast food workers have to wear masks, the dirty fast food restaurants should be a relic of the past. there is nowhere to hide. on a good note, wrapping up home renovations, should be done painting the house today, or the touch ups. looks fabulous. blue/grey body, white trim. no time to get out and get exposed.