I think they can be both, I personally use for both. sometimes we just need an escape from our current thinking or disposition, and sometimes we just need to get a different perspective, or perhaps, we are bored out of our skulls. I know it is damaging to my brain, so the casual use has to be limited. for my medical use it has been a godsend. I can take one drop at night and my neck pain, restless leg syndrome are cured, at least until the next time, just good sleep, sometimes, I wake up stoned, but usually just sleep like a baby, even after a stressful day or and exhausting day. The pills and medicine that had been given to my up until this point, either did not work or made me drugged, as in a mess. those Barbiturates  and other stuff, makes you need more, or you get sick. I detest pills. they are the bane of society. The pharma drugs are a huge profit and we are stuck with the results overweight people too doped up to work. so the government pays for their pills and livelihood. Food should be the first line of defense, not the last, do not wait until you have not other options. Medicine is a great thing, when used with proper diet and exercise, but be aware, even aspirin and wreck havoc on your liver and organs. Pot perhaps has the same effect on your liver it has been written of possible effects. The problem for me is finding CBD clean enough and potent enough to distract me from my neck pain that is usually accompanied with nasea and these spasms and shooting pains, which come and go at will. sometimes my head feels like a 50 pound bowling ball. I feel very stRong, almost superhuman at times, that is my diet, high natural food diet, just wish I could eat 100% pure, but now even adulteries steak is very expensive, and I need to find a bank filling adventure. I am still a slave, for the rest of my days, there seems to be no end in sight, I only hope we get Sweet Mary off that train, sooner than later. I look forward to being able to travel to other cites and visit with family, I have come to the conclusion, that without Mary, it is not worth going, she encourages me to go, kinda… sorta.. it is true, but I know that I am a wreck unless she is near. I think we will end up in Garrison North Dakota, Indian country 🙂 hopefully we can spend summers in different cities, just like all the Snowbirds here in the winter, during the hot summer Arizona Months anyway. We can plan all we want, but life has a way of making those decisions for you. I am currently in detox mode, I believe that you should clear your system out a few times a month to get a fix on where your body stands in regard to pain and cognitive function, I probably should do it with a fast too, as it is impossible to fast when taking the green meds, that is another pet peeve, why can we not get pure, no chemical clean oil? why? because big pharma is going to try to get their hands on it and make it like cigarettes’, somehow make it addicting. speaking of addictive personality, yes, perhaps that is me, but food and alcohol are MY DEMONS. well I have to work on my business page, need money need jobs must pay for rent pay bills on the wheel, must keep cracking. O one last no on second thought better left unsaid, these post will self destruct in… not sure, but when I think about what drabble I have scratched, I most likely will deem it offensive to someone, anybody, nobody.. nobody cares, we all have our burdens.