Ok, so my first memory of life on this planet started in Hawthorne California, but this was not the actual start, I had a few other experiences, like the 1964 Earthquake, having my hands burned on a stove at 2 years old, about the same time as the Quake. I can still see the scars from the burns, which my Mom told me about. We all have our memories, some of which mesh with other accounts, well I had none during this time, I have seen some pictures of me outside in a play

The is not much that I do remember about the Hawthorne days, I got into my first fight and lost, got kicked in the balls by another kid, end of fight, I had forgotten about thantone, I had my next first fight at sky blue Mesa, a kid named Jim, with cowboy boots, more of a scuffle, you could say I lost that one too

anyway, the Hawthorne days…We lived in a small bungalow type home my first School https://www.hsdzeladavis.org/