I know that i Have mentioned this before, but I have been thinking about it again, with the shit show that is our lives, but White is a racist word, it has become the equivalent of the N word. “he is white”  that is a fkn slur, or I am “white” that is as racist ass you can get. I hear it now and cringe. Society has been able to loop all of everyone into a bleached white category, and nobody seems to notice.  this word is used to either promote Nazism or demonize people of caucasian ancestry. this is as plain as the nose on my face. eye for one am sick of it.

I am not proud to be white, but I am proud to be British, Scottish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Swedish, Russian, and a wee bit of Irish, that is culture, but we all come from the migrations, the science has proved that, well at least they say that, but I believe them much more than governments,  white has been washed into a racist category.

This is an outrage!!  the real culprit is Governments the scam of the existence of mankind. The trick? they have all the have not’s blaming a race of people, who are as mixed as any race. why do you have white supremist? because they are dumbfounded by being called a ruling class, they are getting screwed just as much as, ok that is a lie, Black people on the whole are being screwed like nobody business, and they use other blacks to do it, the so called leaders, this is a classic trick, that has been used for centuries, Attila the hun, Genghis Khan, they all used the people of the people to rule their own people, it is a trick, like tricky dick says.

all you dumb mfkr can say I am crazy as shit, but if your were not so lazy, read the history books, or easier search the tactics of these ancient civilizations. The Native American is a classic example. the leaders get the same perks as the Government of the leading Nation, or the conquering Mongol hordes, or in our case, the American incursion into North America, they tried murdering all of them, that did not work, even had bounties, in some areas. History keeps on repeating, over and over. the Native Americans, are being cheated out of education and put into the slave market, while some bask in the bounties of Government, often the stupid ones,as they easier to control.

The Alaskan Native leaders are always on thier heels, you know why? because they afraid they will be replaced, with the next Native in line for the free ride. our CEO of Koniag makes close to 500,000, the natives balked when my uncle was leading the Corporation,with less than 100k, but at least he was aware of the Native journey, he experienced the American assimilation first hand, he was as tough as nails, still is.  He tried to do good, they had Native business, they had schooling. there was still not a plan, to get Native out of the hole. the ones still stuck in the shit show they call village, which is the life that was stolen

rant rant rant. you know I do like to rant  🙂  I know it is useless, just as the Native Corporations are to the rank and file natives, but it makes me feel good to speak the truth, without fork tongue. The leader of today’s Natives are neither, just another form of carpet baggers… sweet mary is up, and i have some plans to draw.

o and p.s you communist, that think that will save you,  STAlin was a commy, Hitler started out as a commie, democracy is the only way to go, GOD Bless American and Jesus too, maybe a little diddy today to calm the madness of my soul.

footnote of worthy mention:

The American Government was instrumental in the lack of prosecution of the Nazi death camps in World War 2, not only a crucial part to exoneration of some, but a total lack of prosecution. The German people were able to keep the houses they stole from the jewish people after the War, our Government was crucial in this, as we were a governing power. this trancends to the Nazi’s in America today, one prime example is the American Involvement in  Ukraine, when the Nazi’s invaded Ukraine during world War 2, they were welcomed with open arms, while the russians were not ruled as a good people under Stalin, and only an Allied force because of Invasion, and  Hitler’s Master race plan which did not include Eastern Europeans, although they were “white” he considered them inferior.  watch some documentaries to reveal the truth.

shit flows downhill