Were driving up North today, so have to short, We have been bombarded with the protest and looters, just like with the covid. Why are the press only talking to the protesters? The real story lies in the Neighborhoods, where the Knees are on the necks of the poor, So far they have neglected to give out any statistics on how many killings the ratio of different populations, that are killed by police. I can only see from my perspective, and many may sat that is part of the problem, I am sure it is, but when you are not affected, it is hard be get “charged up” I have to refer the quote from the famous “Rick Jamrose” We are just glad it is not us, I can say without reservation, that I have never been targeted by police, ever. That does not imply, that it does not happen to others, Hell, I am not even sure if anyone in our small city has, I do not see that happening, but then again, I am in bed by 8pm most nights.

My experiences with racism are limited, My own personal, had me as the bad guy, and it was true. We had that in our background, why? I have no Idea. In Junior high school gym class during softball play, I called a kid the N word, yes I did, this kid was from a good family and a good kid, We may have had 2 black people in the whole school system. This ended up well, I was called out and got into a skirmish with a fellow student, who would go on to a long career with the Los Angeles police dept., thanks for your service Phil Smith. I do have some experiences with black people, but other than the junior high fk up, they have been normal, as far as my normal 😛

The city we live in has maybe a few families, and most of the cities, except anchorage, were pretty white growing up, Lynnwood Washington, Santa Clarita, CA very white cities. I had been shot at with my own gun by a black man in Lynnwood, but that was my stupidity, and nothing to do with race, more to do with me trying to buy some drugs. I feel a disclaimer formulating: I have done drugs over my lifetime, but the only drug I ever was “hooked on, was booze, loved the magic juice, it is very bad, when you drink to “feel” normal. My drug use was only a few select times, after having too much money in my pocket, I mean most jobs before family life, did not pay much and booze was cheap, I would get paid on Friday, and be broke on Monday. The old me, lived to drink. I never liked the drugs after effects. it was like the devil inside, poison for sure. cocaine, was about drinking all night, hated waking up after a night of blacking out. I remember one time, Floyd Smidt told me the next day, that he had pulled my pants down in front of the whole party, I just stood there drunk laughing, and some other nonsense, hated hearing it, sometimes, it would just, creep back into my memory… sometimes, I would look around and try to figure, where the hell am eye? many times.. so that was my primary reason, not that I am judging those that get hooked on Opioids, cocaine or METH< the worst drug ever, that is the worst kind of drug, they called it crank back in the day, but it was much different. (end of disclaimer)

So besides the time I was shot at by my own gun, a sig Sauer 380, nice gun, it was, hope he enjoyed it.

There was the time, when I was fishing on the Dee Donna J and we stopped for the night in Port bailey Cannery, they had a speed bag and I went up “town” canneries were a town like atmosphere in bush Kodiak. I found some booze and got drunks, O wait now I remember, I was talking to a black worker and used the words boy, somehow, he took offense, but even though I was drunk it was not my intent, Well he grabbed a metal chair and hit me in the head with it, It is a big gash, I had grabbed him by the throat, I had fisherman strength, with as far as humans go, super strength, his workmates interceded and nobody, except me was worse for wear. We headed out to the fishing grounds the next day, Skipper Don had a big band aid, which closed the cut and I was in the skiff all day, actually should be a much worse scar, but that ban aid, saved me. That was pretty much my extent, o wait, I did work in one of the Anchorage hoods, it was called Fairview back then. 85% of the customers were black, that was a fun job, I was part of the neighborhood. I think I mentioned that on a different post. no issues in the year or so at that location. met some great people, Curly the local “knows everything and everyone” Bad Bob, local drug dealer, nice man, like hennesy, he was later gunned down, wheel chair bound and then died. there was local hoodlums, but they would not come in until my shift was over, I was savy to them, they would wait until the little man came in and they would distract him as their pals would get some hooch, no nothing in all the time there, and some scary things went down, a regular customer came in one day, muttering under his breath and setting a .38 revolver on the counter, but I was not fazed, and he just bought his regular cognac.

got s to go to be …

back, been thinking about this great racial divide, but need to clarify, my perspective, which is just that a single human perspective of someone who, is not affected by the system. I think most white people think of it as this, They feel that all the protesting and the system we live in, has absolutely nothing to do with them, I mean, most of us do not interact and have no way of discriminatingly against black people. I know I do not, if there was a chance, if my life, I would have to say baseball, but there is no way, I’m putting a player in a position over another for anything, other than the best player for the position. this problem is begins and ends with Us, all of us, but we have very limited knowledge on all of this, we are forced fed Politian’s, I mean, TRUMP VS Hillary? that is the best we could do? really, I have seen some of the people on the news, under the Current administration, that seem more that qualified and not political bs. I just feel were being screwed by the current system. THE NEWS is our View, the internet, well you can not believe the political bullshit, without a bullshit meter, and I don’t have one that works.

No so when most people say all lives matter, they are talking from their own life experiences. Most people have not Idea what goes on in the cities, well I have a few experiences. when we first moved to Arizona in 1989 from Washington state I took a job as a cab driver, I think I was making 35 bucks after expenses in a 12 hour shift, I used to carry as small 25 caliber in my back pocket and mostly worked the Mesa area, so I did not last long, but I did have a few fares in the tougher neighborhoods, I knew it was a tough place, I was warned not to take fares there at night and for the most part stayed away from that area, the one time, I did a drop, I was prepared to run anyone who tried to rob me over. I really had no Idea if my fears were real or manufactured by others, but it was a scary situation. I did have another incident with a coasty in Kodiak, I remember this one well, I was with 2 local girls and a coastguardsman, they call them coasties, anyway, we had been drinking downtown and we walked the girls home, which seemed like a hundred miles, nothing brings down your buzz better than walking up hills, I remember this kid was getting kind of snarky, and I was tired and just wanted to get back to my bunk on the boat, well, sure enough after dropping the girls, he started to fk with me, well I was in no mood, and needless to say, he made a good decision and ran back to his base, luckily for me for sure, close call, I been in lots of fights and never lost my temper, just a kind of lassifaire fighting, just enough to win, but no skin in the game, but when I got pissed, my brother GiL, used to say COO COO for Cocoa puffs. hahha more right than you know, anyway that was not racial, maybe I had a chip on my shoulder when drinking but it was defintily an equal oppurtinity scrapper, most fights were with white people in Bars, jealos or whatever. really except for my teens and early 20’s I had decided it was much better to try and avoid, at least not start them for no reason, but had a problem walking away, espessially after being primed, up, one note, although I had been sucker punched a few times, when drunk, otherwise, you could not get close enough, I never in my life sucker punched anyone, well teen years, I was a dump punk, but that was just Jr high and some high school and never hurt anybody physcically, I know the mental damage, blah blah I digress. anyway that is my experience, o wait I do have a couple more, Me and some friends drove to Texas from Washington state to start new lives, (that another story) get jobs and become Texans, very ill conceived plan. We ended up selling pots and pans in tough neighborhoods, I remember one time in one of the worst areas of Houston, this older chap, says, you guys are all right now, but come night time, you best be out of these parts, they may not take so kindly to you at night, a few nights later in another area Pat Brock was robbed at gun point, we had a good way to get food, Pat, who was a master bullshit artist, would go up and to a burger king or other fast food restaurant and claim to have been shorted some burgers, and if they hesitated, he would say “Alright, but if my mom has to come down here she is going to be pissed” worked life a charm, we did sleep on rooftops, when we did not have enough dough to buy a room, I actually got a job as a welder helper, but got arrested on the way back from Galveston, the first experienced the warm Ocean water, but they had no waves, just big Carnival. maybe return to this story later, Ok so this one night we meet these black hookers, my and Pat, anyway, we offer to trade some cookware or toolsets for their services, and up to this point had never been with a black person before, maybe it was the atmosphere or what, but one time in my life, he was not up to it. Pat had not problem. My point on this setup, is that there are some scary places out there, people being raised in sub-standard conditions, with nowhere to go but down. bad places, bad parents no choice not chance, I was raised fairly poor, yes it is true. we wore our shoes out, we did not have much, but we were in a safe neighborhood and clean streets, some of these places are no place for children. That is my setup for my opinions. Maybe I should just turn a blind eye to the whole thing, I do not discriminate against black people, the Senator Tim Kelly said something that was spot on, All lives MATTER, but black lives are in jeopardy.

Now let see it another way, the United States Government had decided that in effort to assimilate Alaskan Natives, they would put them in orphanages. The assimilation has been a success, most Natives from my Island, consider themselves white, more than Native, and they look it too, as there was also a concerted effort to breed them out. I will elaborate on another piece, perhaps, as time allows.

this may sound extreme, I had wanted to learn more, but need to research that subject more, one thing I do know is that Natives were mistreated in these places, but my Aunt told me my father, actually preferred the orphanages to home life. he was a bastard. I’m not wanting to say or disrespect anyone, in the long run, they all turned out pretty close and bygones were bygones. My point is, there are children being raised in sub standard conditions with sub standard parents, who right are above the right of the children. YOu have to a license to drive a car, but you can churn out babies. babies having babies with no fathers. these are the fulcrum of the Problem, it starts in the hood and ends in the hood, We the people, need to demand proper NEWS, not all the repetitive political bullshit. To make America stronger we have to take car of all people not just our white kids, all kids and it is not just black kids. poor white kids, poor Latino, all being abuse neglected and raised in squalor. We out in the burbs have no connection, this is not our problem, it is theirs. We did no create this problem. Well it is true, we really do not know what is going on. I do know that is dangerous to be a police officer. RIP Eric Shulander, murdered on a traffic stop, he was a regular nice cop, he had small kids, he even let me joke at him about being on the take, because he was driving a corvette. he was a Lt. so guess they made more, all in fun of course. I did quit going to California, I was pulling out of a parking lot in the Malibu area and putting my seat belt on as entering the roadway, got a 150 ticket, another time while driving a tin can four banger, out in Santa Clarita, they have some hills you have to climb, between Newhall and Canyon Country, so I was at the bottom trying to pick up speed, and they gave me a ticket, well, Love the beach, but that was the last straw, I live in a nice small town, with a cowboy theme, rodeos, horses, and lots of retirees, but 5 min drive and I’m out of the people, and in the summer all the hiking trails to myself. How can I help this problem, not sure, as I do not actively discriminate against anyone, actually had more problems with illegals, but that another story.

This problem an American problem. We are all Americans, we are a team, not democrat or republican, Americans, the problem starts at the bottom and also at the top, shit flows downhill, that we know. the cesspool at the bottom came from above. the bottom, well that is the prisons, How are we to fix these issues, when we have a system of discrimination at the bottom rungs, There is a much different reality at the poorest levels. I have had more that my shares of county jails, local jails, just never prison, but with over 12 Drunk driving charges over a 20 period, I was in jail from Houston to Kodiak. I remember the first time being in LA county jail, It was not segregated, I was in a cell block 9500 and had no problems, I was somewhat of a hoodlum and had been told to make a shank, so I made one out of razors and a toothbrush, “MacGyver was born” I found a nice bunk and some extra mattresses and slept it off no problems, it was a mixed group, my first experience with black people and everyone was nice. I had extra stuff nobody even tried to take, my extra mattress or my good bunk, I think I had a few other times, but was out quickly. this time was my 18th birthday and was pulled over in Beverly hills drunk on MD 2020 bad stuff :/ anyway, I did not back until deciding to clear up warrants from 10 years before, this time it was all segregated, I got into a scuffle with some Hispanics, who denied me a bunk and sent me to the woods. I started to chat with a black man at the phones and he said in a nice way, you better be careful talking to me. they have rules in here, I ended up with the SC group who liked to pick on the weak, well they first tried me, then decided to move on, watched a cocky white kid get rat packed by 3 of them, bruises nothing big, gangster, now had I not been given a release, I would have been in the middle of it, but I was FREE and fuck you clowns, I did give my fancy tennis shoes, which had caused me some grief hanging on to them. My point is this is what is being taught at the lowest levels of society, is not in syc with the people living in the suburbs. heck most people are right, We do not discriminate. When someone we know goes to jail, well they only experience the hate and distrust of the jail system, and bring that back to their lives. It is easy to be on Moral high ground, when you have no idea, what others lives are like, and it is all people in some forms. These systems and the police is a creation of the Town and cities. They are the politicians at the top and the poor at the bottom. We the People need to get accurate information in all aspects. Medical, crimes WE NEED THE TRUTH. I know that in the Phoenix area people are shot first, questions later. at least that is my impression on the news. I do not see disparity in race, it seems here that they shoot and kills without regard to race, but shoot first seems to be the norm. these jobs are dangerous. shit flows down hill, the solution? I don’t know. the police culture needs to change, cops should not be put into mental health issues or as domestic violence mediators. they also have to be safe, I mean really, how many crimes do they actually prevent, its mostly responding to crimes that have already been committed. We to quit filling the prisons with drug addicts, or mentally ill. the solution is a a child level, when you wait for them to become hardened criminals, you have created something that is hard or impossible to fix. All lives do mater, an if we are a team, black lives matter too. We have to take care of our TEAM, Team America, one of the deciding reasons to vote for President Trump is when he lambasted the black community leaders for not taking care of their own people, and that he would take care of them. He also put America first, and the American worker first. It seemed to be going pretty good 2, I mean, I was not having to take low ball projects, lucky to break even. I work from job to job and it is somewhat pay check to pay check, and things were looking good, from my perspective, black people have been treated the worst, kidnapped and taken, beaten and made a slave, sure that was 100 years ago, Do you think it is erased in one generation? 2, 3,4, 5, how many, maybe never is still oppressed, the problem is that most us have our own issues. WE all trying to make it in this world, we have our own money problems, not the same as college graduates, and rich from the go, they hold the power. we just trying to get by, to live a decent life. It is an overriding theme, you can not just hand money out, that is stupid, as stupid as can be, We have the same issue, in my Native background, The money is always consumed by corruption and greed, we can be a great nation, handing money does not work, my favorite is when Jesus or one of the disciples. you can give a man fish and he will eat today, you can teach him to fish and he can eat a lifetime. this seems simple enough. When all this covid stuff started, my first impression was that sports has little to do with running society, All that goes into sports, seemed frivolous when faced with a worldwide pandemic. Sure Sports needs to do more with admin and even coaches, but there would be some weak teams, if they were put together the old buddy system, this is something I have firsthand experience with. There has been a saying that goes around most places I have been: “its not what you know, it is who you know” so true at the higher levels, especially in construction, nightmare at some levels. that is the way you make America a great team. most of my opinions past this, relate to my own experiences, being a Alaska Native and white, so will save that for my “Native Rant” . that is my 2 cents. so when someone says all lives matter, it usually out of ignorance or h8t. yes all lives matter, but black lives not as much, Native, perhaps even less and Hispanic and Asian, less that white lives, I’m luck in that I can hide amongst the white population, but make mistake, the don’t consider me white, unless they need something. I watched this documentary about a white prison gang, and the main “muscle” was a white mixed with Native American, but be for sure he was expendable. that’s all folks, just think …. don’t let others, think for you, I Know it is easier said than done, one more story, I did have a one night stand, woke up somewhere near sand Canyon one time with a black girl, I did not remember anything, she said I had just crashed, pretty lady, made a good time. that’s all folks… be a good person or at least better tomorrow than yesterday