TO: Richard Simeonoff Jr.,

Hello from the north, more snow up here,about 3 to 5 inches, I was wondering

let them put the 95% out now, we’ll see if they do and say if you are serious

do it now and we will iron out the rest after Christmas and new years.

What can be expected of the missing funds? How much more land do we have available, that we could sell? Say yes to 95% now for Christmas and we will take care of the rest after the Holidays. Would you approve of this?

I envy you down there in the sun, does your Dad have a computor, if so send

him my EMail address, tell him I said hi and have a Merry Christmas and a New

Year. Then with part of my check I can have my Patent Attorney sell my,”Inven-

-tion,” to a phone company, I already have a graphic diagram of it, I have added

a couple of items to it, to make it more sellable.

Do hope everything is going well for you.


Ralph S. Rastopsoff


From: Richard E Simeonoff <>
To: Fred Simeonoff <>; John standing in the rain <>; Ralph Rastopsoff <>; MR Dad <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 9, 2008 5:34:14 AM
Subject: Fw: $30K Distribution

below is  a letter from Alyce I have highlighted a key word. why was this word added? because they want to keep the $600,000. for themselves. this should be locked in they say they want to distribute 95% but it seems to be untruthful. do you think this word was put in there on accident do they think we are stupid? this is clearly deceptive.


From: Alyce Roberts

Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2008 12:47 AM

To: ; Ellen Simeonoff ; ;

Subject: $30K Distribution


Dear Board Members:


Just a quick note to let everyone know that everyone (all board members) have chimed in to say they approve of moving forward with a $30 K distribution and further consideration of an additional distribution once we know the tax consequences.  I intended to redraft the proxy to say this over the weekend but we unexpectedly had several kids to watch.  I will be sending a new draft out soon.