Ralph Here, if you know anyone that I can contact, let me know, but I will check with AKI  I inheirited some shares with them, if I can I will fax it to you right a-

-way, send me your fax again, how do you like it down there in Arizona?

Is there anyway you can take the responsibility of Uganikbay away from your

cousin, for not fulfilling their duties as our leaders, or ineptness ?

Let me know what else I can do for you up here, how did you get started in

your business down in Arizona?

I am waiting for a grant, so I can start my own business, as a” Bounty Hunter,”

it will be called (  I.C.U. Bounty Hunters ), I got interested in it because of two

things, first my ex-wife had her own mother get hooked on Cocaine, she died on

her way into Anchorage on a medivac flight, from St. Paul Island, then her step-

father died from the same thing, then another friend of mine got hooked on

crack he died. I really could use that money to get my idea sold to a phone co-

-mpany, the other has to do with lights, moving it from one room to the other

without more lightbulbs.

Well I’ll check with AKI, on the tax part and fax it to you, we will get it done.

Good to hear from you.

Ralph Rastopsoff

TO:Richard Simeonoff Jr.,

Hi, again I am not sure where in Arizona he is at, but that is where my Aunt

Jennie Shuravloff, told me he is at.

Do you have your own Construction business, down there in Arizona?

How long will you be there?

I thought it was from the Exxon settlement? Did that ever get settled yet, the message, in the Uganik newsletter said that it should be settled at the end of the

month, that was in August I believe. How much would that be to us?

Why don’t you take over as CEO?

Good to hear from you again.


Ralph S. Rastopsoff

Hello Ralph,

I’m sorry to hear that you are not that well. Thank you for sharing your story.

To answer your questions regarding money/distribution. We are working to move the sale of the Afognak property to a shareholder vote as quickly as we can.  Currently we have an attorney drafting up the proxy statement/information for our shareholders.   Once this is complete we will send out the proxy for you to vote on the land sale and then distribution of the proceeds.   If we get a majority vote in favor of the land sale and the 95% distribution it will only be a matter of how quickly the title is transferred and the paperwork is closed after that.

Although we are hoping to have a December 12th deadline for the proxy vote. Until the final draft is ready to go I cannot guarantee that exact date just yet. And Then For Monetary Distribution: we could be looking at the end of December but it might not be until sometime in January. Once we (the shareholders & corporation) do our part it will depend on how fast things go after that with the parties we’re selling to and the title company.

All of this is dependent on a majority shareholder vote of yes to both the land sale and a 95% distribution. At this point unfortunately I cannot guarantee either of those. But I am positive and hopeful myself that it will all go through with strong yes votes.

I am forwarding this to as many other shareholders as possible to help answer these questions for everyone. I also ask that each of you pass this along to any of our shareholders not included here.

I wish you the very best and if you get me an up to date mailing address we can make sure you receive the proxy to vote within the next couple of weeks.


Ellen Simeonoff

TO: Richard Simeonoff Jr,

I just talked to Kathryn, she said I should talk to Ellen, so not much help there.

This is so wrong to hold up the release of our check, with Christmas around the corner,it would sure help paying off my bills and having a good Christmas, for

once, here I am supporting three other people on my small disabilty check and

our two dogs, we are even having to borrow to make it to the next payday.

Can we replace those that are holding up this check ? It would take to long

huh? Did they give out any checks from the Exxon settlement yet?


Ralph S. Rastopsoff

Phone: (907) 310-3746

Hi, Richard,

I just received an email from Ellen she said that she will get the ballots written up and hopefully out sometime by the 15th of December, that is to long, she said

we probably won’t get the checks until, next year maybe in January.

Do you know if we have any checks out already? The reason I am asking this is

Deidre at AKI passed a message on to me, stating that there are a couple of checks that will be mailed to me, but there will be a bigger check later on.

My Aunt Barbara Phillips told me the same thing,she heard it from Deidre

from AKI.

I’ll call Kathryn Black rightaway, I’ll get back to you as soon as I talk to her.

My friend Nick Shuravloff is down your way, if you see him tell him I said hi.


Ralph S. Rastopsoff

Phone: (907) 310-3746