Ok, so I have a few disclaimers: racism is bad, I do not judge people for things they can not change. We are all born into this earth in a pre-set format. We have no choice. we do have a choice, at least some of us eventually.

Racism is cultural, it starts at the bottom and works it’s way up.  they have had all the segregation in schools, neighborhoods, everywhere except jails and prisons. until the little diddy is addressed it will always live on.

was it created by prisonous? hell no. this is governmental greed, This has been hashed out of the same  old idea of controlling populations from the Roman days of conquer.

give power to certain groups, give them benefits, and control the whole group. Been the MO for every  invading Army since, well forever.

who filled the prisons? government did,  instead of creating industry and jobs, they created laws, shitty Marijuana laws and sent them to prison, dont  have to employ them now. This was a plan, hatched by current leaders. Joe Joe Biden, an Architect.

You know, since I had mentioned the smell thing, and how different people smell different, how do I know, well sometimes, I have gotten rancid, and even smelled myself after maybe a bad wipe. it smelled familiar, like Mexican food. I was eating lots of it. love that stuff, but my newfound heath, has me choosing, not to eat taco shells 🙁 or noodles or enriched bread, even sourdough bread is off limits.

One thing I can tell you for sure, after being in jails all over the country, everyone after eating jail food, smells the same. like a locker room, only rotten. they could used a million gallons of Febreze, and still would stink. I did inherit on great gene from my father, the no stink gene, well not like some peeps, my mom got the stink gene. I have used anti-perspirants, but really did not need to, I did inherit my moms sensitive smeller, or olfactory sensitivity more precisely

here are a few things that have confused me, since becoming more aware of genealogy. this has to do with Mexicans, Eye for instance, come from Norway, Iceland, England, Scotland, and am Indigenous, but I do not call myself any of those things, why, because I am American. I have to correct myself, recently eye have wholeheartedly embraced my Native American ancestors, they are forgotten, except for the Archeologist, who did them up. they have no government to connect,  They were truly free. Ok, the Mexican thing, they are some of them 4 generation in America, some even more, they have been here forever, some  of them, yet, they still call themselves MEXICAN, which is not a people, but a government, born out of the Spanish conquest of the South American region that bears the current name of Mexico. previously, they were the Mayans. this is  peculiar. that is it, I had already talked about it, I mean Hispanic, Latino,  why claim Mexico, a dirt poor Country riddled with corruption, is it because they hope to get Arizona, California or Texas back?  which was Native American, Geronimo hated Mexicans, they killed his family. Mexican’s under the Spanish leadership, became, or tried to become invaders, but the more powerful Americans won. who lost? the Native Americans.

ok, a few more old diddies. let me get a dig on food, the great fry bread, tradition Native American food. really, this is the biggest fkn lie. This is poisoner of WAr food.

lie after lie, even today, they have the Native Americans touting their enslavement, fry bread for sale. wtf. I just can not believe it.

so Indians were moved from reservation to reservation, and they were starving, so the Untied states government dumps flour, and now you have fry bread, traditional? yes prisoner food poison.

Tridiagonal Native American food was the Buffalo, not fry bread, and if they were still eating buffalo, they would not be suffering obesity and health issues, like the rest of Walmart customers, this was hatched by big money, not “white people” although there are many that point the finger on how drunk and lazy they are. self righteous racist.  this goes back to my whole argument of being born into the word.

how does one fix this? I will tell you right now. Instead of giving Native Americans government food stamps or charity, how about creating industry on Native lands so they can thrive?  how about giving them the buffalo back? Native Americans are mitigated to cities, for control purposes, because they know what they are doing is bad.

We have no outlet to live on our Lands. we are forced into this “American Utopia” which is neither

It is an enslavement, by Mortgage and the odds are stacked against Native Americans, more so than any other race, yet the Native leaders are distracted by their own greed, they have bought into the American dream, only because they somehow got thier greedy hands on the reigns, with a death grip, knowing that the occupying’s force could at anytime appoint another leader.

I know I know, getting a little out there, but really it is the truth, we are all slaves, if we are lucky, we have houses, that we can pay for, that we can live the American dream, work your ass off until they stick you in the grave, eat the poison food, because you dont know any better, and it is delicious, on  a side note: I feel guilty giving my dog bread, that eye view as poison. I even fed him some capt crunch. I know I am evil too.


And Construction, well we would rather ship in Mexicans, or under the guise of failed immigration let them sneak across the border and do jobs nobody wants to do. I want to do these jobs, but it get harder and harder to complete with the brothers from the south. they have ten to my one, at the same price.

This is what our Government does, it has been going on forever, do you think they could hatch a plan for Native Americans? No way, they have their corporate buddies bidding on that stuff and making bank and paying shitty wages, overseas preferably. At least the racist Donald talked the right talk, I dont think he is racist, but I do think he is an equal opportunity h8tr, privileged, this goes back to the whole born into our lives, he was born into privilege’s, at least he pretended to put American first

let me say one more rant.

Everybody starting to complain about Oil, well this will be the last bastion of War. what do I mean do you ask?

there will be another WAr, that I am sure of,  20, 40, 100 years from now, when the oil runs out, if God does not decide to pull the plug sooner

do you know who will win this war, the nukes, nobody wins, if it gets out of hand, but a War will be won by the one who has the Oil, and if we piss all of our oil away, we will lose, far better to buy as much oil from “OTHER” COUNTRIES” I do think the electric thing is good, but it takes as much oil to create as just using the oil, that is the latest I know, but maybe I am wrong.

I h8t the news, they will run a story for a week, Donald trump acquitted, how many times does a fkn news station have to run this? bunch of retards, maybe they should take my junior high class on journalism? Profit machines, what regurgitate the same news over and over, I know this is a rehash to

but I am not making bank, we are paying for ads, they are getting rich, we have switched from the local parrot rag to the New York times, at least they write about the  whole world and not just propaganda

that’s all folks, another rant from me, I feel better, need so share some fun stupid stuff I have done.

and dont feel bad that your a sheep, I am too ;0