Relation Ships, Probably the most important aspect of our Lives, no kidding.

You know when people say you are what your eat? well, they should say, you are the result of relationships, your whole life is affected by the relationships you are born into, and the ones you choose, and just as much, the ones you do not choose.

The single most Important relationship in our lives, is the one with Ourselves, no not masturbation, although it comes in handy in a pinch.

Do you really think you can have good relationships with others, if you fail to have  good relationship with Your very own self?

No, I do not mean monetarily, but more  of a knowledge of oneself. Understanding where you came from, why you think the way think, react, you wants, loves and all the things that define who we are. I can tell you first hand, it is not always that easy, I have battled my love of food, my whole life.  That is something that has been a caw in my beak. If i’m mad at someone who has excess weight and lack of any other attack, the result will be attack, that difference, (not sure if I conveyed that very well)  that includes lots of other things: race, height, education, or anything that makes us unique, it also can be used in the opposite, like anemic looking skeleton, get my drift?

The next most important are those that you either choose, or are born with, The difference is that the ones you are born with, you have no choice, and they often effect, your love of yourself, (I am not blaming, as some may think) It is a fact. I do not want to minimize the relationship we have with our Gods, religions, lack of faith, or our view of our existence on this planet, for me, my relationship with God, is my way of life. I can only speak for myself in these matters, as we all have different backgrounds. I will talk about the childhood relationships l8tr dude. 🙂

The relationship you create with your  own children, can have lasting effects on that relationship, and can even leak over into your adult relationships, hopefully they were strong enough. I personally wish I could have done better, do better.

The sanctity of marriage, That is the number one, after you have moved onto the next level, from a part of a Unit, to making your own unit.

nobody has the ability to make you miserable, than your Immediate relationships. Of all the people in the World, failure to see the importance of your significant other, has dire effect. This is the one relationship, that can make are break anybody, anytime, anywhere.

easy? never, growth and change and acceptance, come with time, learning loving. let my jump into a few present day high profile cases. Bill Clinton, now he has his own interest above his wife hillary, I do not see happiness in her heart, yet he thrived as President of the United States. Even More recent, The Donald, yes Our lame duck president, his wife, looks miserable to me. The other side of the coin, can you trust someone that cheats on the one person, that they have sworn allegiance too? I would not trust either of them personally, but as President, that is someone who has chosen to be a politician, one of the biggest lying, cheating positions in the modern world, right up there with sleazy Used car salespeople.

I have had a few hard a fast rules to these types of relationships, be it my son or Daughters sig other, or my Mom’s, the relationship is none of my business, so the old adage, mind your own business, and you wont be minding mine, are spot on.

There is always a point in which, that rule can be broken. abuse, neglect, but life, is complicated, and anybody, I mean anybody, Mom, DAD, Sister, Brother, best freind, Co-worker, should back the fuck off. you will only muddy the water and make things worse, If someone has a “bad relationship” without kids, gEt da fk our. if you have kids and no abuse, both of you ask yourselves, are OUr personal grievances, more important than Our Children’s welfare, if they are, YOU NEED to get a divorce. You would think that would be common knowledge, or the first thing someone thinks of….

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