where is that ship, that supposed to come in? it is already here, I am alive and above ground, be thankful for every breath that I take, it has to be the theme, one day at at time, it had been a tough saturday, my own doing again, my truck broke down at Lowes, whilst I was picking up paint supplies. My serpentine belt broke, it had been squeaking, belt dressing helped, but I knew the right thing to do was replace it.. but no, I had to let it break. SPOCK!! so I left down there and planned to get it next day, I have put them on before and know, that it was too hot. its tricky enough without the hot engine, but impossible for me the reluctant mechanic, Arizona has the thieving worst Mechanics, of any place that I have lived, except for Mustang Auto, not perfect, but Bill is honest and does great work, actually perfect, except he does not work on diesels. my experience with mechanics, Monster diesel, he put on a sinister coolant filter, he overfilled it and it was leaking, he was a clear shark, The 6.0 has mechanics salivating on a a pay day. the worst was a fraud Named Rowdy Racks diesel repair, more like rowdy racks incompetent thieves and not repair, 3600 and he was supposed to change oil cooler and glow plugs, busted the glow plug harness wires, starter wires were disconnected and barley hanging on, glow plugs still do not work. he kept pushing for studding the truck and mumbling something about bubbles. shoddy work, done by kids that were hanging around. the topper, he was supposed to replace the coolant, it was water, I ended up replacing the wire harness, he somehow had that messed up. it looked like he planned on getting it back and really screwing me, no way, and I forgot about him until working on it again, crook for sure, we just had our AC done, New AC cool times, but anyway the Owner of the shop, Universal AC a James Hunt, also had his truck repaired by Rowdy Racks, he got the full deal treatment, head studs oil cooler the works, one year later and it blew up. the sad thing is that all these schmucks on the Arizona diesel sites keep recommending him. Anyway that is just one reason, I do all my own work, there is another mechanic in town, but when I called him he recommended a radiator from Napa, fittings were cheap and would not work, trust no mechanic ever, well I do know some honest ones, but…. they too far away.

back to my truck, I got a belt for about 50 bucks at auto zone, put it on in the morning, but in such a big hurry to get home, started it without checking the lower clearance and it was caught on the fan shroud, turned truck off, but it would not start dead battery, I thought, but knew, I just had replaced a battery, and the rule is to replace both, so I got another, but it was the starter wire had broken lose, the small wire that tells the starter to crank, got that fixed then took off for home, 3 hours later, and pop, the belt broke, again. so had it towed home AAA and its a project after I finish painting the house. grey and white. I will post a pic when I am done. I do not like painting, well, I like doing a good job and I am more methodical than the painters I know. it should look fabulous, gots to get cracking. on another none, had a good fathers day, sweet Mary got me a Viking cross, or actually a one from the Kevan Russ Era, it says authentic, but not sure, Im good with a copy, seems small for a neck cross, Jt, is getting the chain, Wednesday I think. heard from all my kids, even my reluctant daughter, it was good chatting with them. Sarah buying a house, or looking, rich is dealing with the whole corona thing, he in the public a lot, so more intense. Johnny working on his Art, Shavon, going through some changes, with her church, I often wonder about how those pastors keep up the intensity after awhile, or what happens when life happens to them?