Randy Long

Randy Long, I played football with Randy, he was tenacious, small in stature, big heart, Randy was always a stand up man, to the end. my regrets, that I did not visit him when I was in Las Vegas, for  a baseball tournament, Randy was a gangster from the old School. he had your back, would not hesitate or waver, Randy had 2 twin sisters and was very loved by his whole family. Stand up to the end. RIP Randy Long.  C.C.

Gene Delgado

I fished with Gene on the Bertha Marie with Ivar Malutin, Gene was a bad ass Alaskan, and Hawaiin, Ivar called him Pineapple 🙂  he was a fun guy, non-stop action. I remember the time we were dried up in the skiff in Kaluda bay? not sure, but on the other side of Larsen Bay, Me the kid from California, huddled up in the skiff freezing, Gene the kid from Ouzinkie, was catching silvers in the stream and cooking them up. the bears were on the prowl, he is yet anohter that I never got to see again. It was a shock when he passed, I had heard he had been in an ATV crash. my old friend from years gone by. what a great life I have had with such great people.


Joe Warwick

Joe, lived down around the corner from our house on walnut springs, I remember joe as being a tough stand up kid. Although we were not of the same crowd, we did chat on facebook and I respected his opinion and his love of family. he was a workng man, who worked upn until his last day in the Country he loved. I remember in shcool he had  a head of hair. RIP Joe  🙂


Lonnie Powers

me and Lonnie ran in the same circles, my brother got there start working for the Powers family, I had my best poker playing against Lonnie, in the hills at some apartment, that I had crashed a bike. That was the first time, anyone ever said, that I was getting fat. hehe, little did  he or I know my weight struggles ahead. he was a friend to All, nothing was more Important than his family. The Powers Clan is one of the tightest I know. he died of the same Cancer that I had, I regret I did  not converse with him more. Cancer is a har thing for me… dealing with my own, and others, I feel helpless at times. I want to help, but I know my path, is not for all. Lonnie Powers C.C.  to the end. rip brother Lonnie



David Riguard SR

Dave Moxness, as we knew him, was a true bad ass, I respected and loved this guy. I remember he was a few years older, but he had no problem hanging out with us youngsters, we would be all over the place, from riding big wheels in the sewer systems to riding shopping carts down Nadal street.  We were of the same cloth, tough hard partying kids and adults. he was the guy. when we ran out of beer. he had no qualms about grabbing a dine and dash 12 pack to keep the party going. he was fearless, he served Our Country as a United States Marine, I remember his stories of having to eat snakes in Hawaii. Dave never recovered from the death of his brother Jimmy, another bad ass. He reminisced how Jimmy would have been an Ink Star in this day and age of Tats. Dave never was able to shake the monkey off his back. he will be remembered by all as a stand up brother for the  hood.

John Roach

John Roach was the brother of one of my best pals, Joe Roach, John was the it guy, he had the good jobs, the hot girlfriends, Daphne, I think, drove the nice trucks, he was One of the coolest guys I knew back in the Lynnwood days. he always treated me with respect, and had a way of makin you feel like you belonged, even though I never did feel that way during those times. Never got used to the rain and my pale skin 🙂 I got to meet john again when the  Seahawks went to the superbowl. about the same time this picture was taken.  too bad they lost 🙁 One of the stupidest plays EVER, my brother kelly still h8ts the hawks because of this.  RIP John

Ralph S. Rastopsoff

Ralph was a fellow shareholder in our “Village Corporation Uganik Natives”  I never got to meet Ralph in person, we had conversed email text over the years, he was a true Native, he stood up for his beliefs, I wish I could have done more. This is the Generation that needed the help the most, and Our current regimes continue to fail our elders in favor personal gain and rewards. RIP Ralph Rastopsoff.

Steve Mushaney

Steve lived down the street from us, he was one of my brother JohnTollaks pals, but also my friend. Steve was a gearhead for sure, he was always working on cars and making things work. I remember Lance Riggien used to call him Red. I can remember to this day, he used to stutter music to my ears, during my darkest hours, he and his wife Tammie, did not turn their backs on me, as most everyone else had, I watched his cancer take a great person, father, and grandfather. Both him and tammie will always have a special place in my heart. I had a dream this week, and he was in it. not sure why, but I woke up and remember he was in it. RIP “Red” Steve Mushaney.





Chris Ollestad

My Mom first cousin Chris, I remember him mostly from projects in  Anchorage, and his brother Max, the time we had mushrooms, it was a true Native experience for me. I felt like part of a pack, not wolves, but family, The Ollestead family has been with us for Generations, never forgotten.  but for the grace of god, there go eye, rest in peace cousin.




Elaine McAnany

Elaine was one of the sweetest people i have known, she was a baseball wife, just a nice sweet lady. I am blessed to have known her, I hold grief in my heart, as she was diagnosed with Cancer, at about the same time, that I was going through mine, it was still a deep wound for me, I feel I failed her, in so many ways. I was powerless and still very damaged by my own cancer. she loved her family so much. she had come so far, she is surely a star in heaven. rip sister

Kim Sowell

My brother in law, sister I remember the young blond girl and her sister Stacey, from way back in my Anchorage drinking days. lost track except for facebook. she is missed and loved by her family


Paul Acquaviva

Paul was from my hometown in Canyon Country, although I did not know him personally, I was grateful for his facebook friendship and his sense of humor and love of family. I looked forward to his post and was shocked at his passing, somewhere up there is a bright star in heaven, so full of life. rip Paul.


Steve Benson

Steve Benson was the first friend that I ever had, When we lived in Hawthorne California. I remember steve like it was yesterday. I am sad that although we were only miles apart at his passing, I never did get to see my first Ever friend Steve. that regret still is a hole in my heart. He remember most the time he came out to Canyon Country and Castaic lake, he called it bees lake for all the yellow jackets. He was so kind hearted, he too was grieving his older brother Mike, I remember them all from those day. Hawthorne and Zela Davis RIP Steve Benson a bright spot in my life for sure.


Richard Griggs

I knew Richard through facebook and his Father and Uncle, I last saw his father at the Alaska Native Hospital, Reggie Griggs, was the Captain and Owner of Miss Olivia, and I fished with Doral Griggs, a true friend, Doral was like an older brother to  me. I was tough, but Doral well I could not hold a candle to this Man. he had power beyond words, You just knew he was the real deal. I fished with him on the Desperado with freddy Devoe. We had been a staple up town playing pool. respected beyond compare, I met richard through facebook and his battle with cancer, I was saddened and shocked by his passing, he would send me messages checking up on my and my battle with the disease, as with my other cancer peeps, I lost track and wanted to forget the cancer had ever happened. He would tell me about Doral and how we was living up the Great Northwest. Rip Richard, Doral and Reggie.

mary Lou

My second Cousin Mary Lou, recently passed to Cancer, I had just visited Mary Lou and Marvin this Year, they had come to our house and were such a joy to visit. I wished I could have visited with them longer, I was heading up to Colorado, not a clue in the World the World, neither did she, Life is so precious. She was my Moms first Cousin, so my Second cousin, she was also related to my Step-Grandfather Kelly Simeonoff, via the Andersons. she will be sorely missed, by many family and friends. She had a great love for all animals and life. They had the greatest story about how, they were feeding the local racoons, what a hoot!!. RIP Mary Lou

Walter Frizzell Jr

Walter, another stand up American, he worked until his last days, another victim of Cancer. Very respected and loved. lived life to the fullest. I hate to say but when me and walter were growing up the retirement age was 55, now if were lucky to make it to 62, we can get reduced benefits. life should be easier and be able to be a grandfather for much longer. I looked forward to his post, one of the few who shared a great life. Rip Walter

Sandee John

Sandee, another Cousin, on my Moms side, it was very hard to watch, it was fun until it got real, real sad, she had been the second of her family to be taken by the big C, Patti her sister had also died previously, after getting a big Aok the the Witch doctors, The Hansen family is very close after all these years, I had never personally met sandee, but got to know her through her facebook post. I had met patting years before at  one of the Seldovia bars, I remember because it was also when I fell in the love with that snoopy hang on song. all this is a little overwhelming, as I have an appointment with my C doctor and have been having recurring symptoms, I am hopeful, but not too confident. hopefully its all just  a weird coincidence, or maybe an underactive thyroid, I just cant help from remember what my cousin becky said, why didn’t teh ake the oher tonsil out? I Have no idea, perhaps, return on investment, I know a little paranoid, but whey didn’t they? they cut half my neck out. mfkn dktrs