Well, bad new this week, Lonnie Powers from Canyon Country California has passed away. Lonnie had stage 4 throat cancer and had been in a battle for a few years, but for the grace of God, there go eye. I met the Powers family through the Dupuis family, my brother Kelly and Gilbert knew them better than me, but they are were a close knit family that eventually moved to Ohio, why, not sure cold bitter winters. I remember seeing Lonnie in Calfornia in the mid 80’s at an apartment in Canyon Country, We played poker, and it was one of the few times that I could not lose, it was for change/quarters, nickel, dime game. Still, had a hand that could not lose that day, fleeting it was. I remember Lonnie telling me that I was getting fat, if only he could see me now ;/ not too bad for 57, but not like when in my 20’s. wouldn’t that be special, to swap this old taggered, abused body for my 20’s year old self? there I go wishing again :/ just think another 50 years of work on it no problem, well maybe, I would be able to go to college and get a better job 🙂 or not. I had been in conversation with Lonnie over his cancer, It is still difficult to see people with cancer, I know what they are going through.. yet I do not RIP good hearted brother hard working man stand up

condolences to the Powers Family