I have found out that my Uncle Frank Pagano has passed away recently, I always had a good time visiting with Uncle frank over the years. He was a rare individual from old school Kodiak, He was always about family, that has always been a high priority with him and my Auntie May. I could spend hours talking and visiting with him, and always wanting more, that is rare for me, he was direct, honest and to the point, no mixing words. In these days of political correctness, it was a rare treat to visit with him and see his point of view. He was a leader. I respected his insight and views, and often agreed with him. he came under fire in recent years and had many battles, but he was always the same Uncle frank, frank as can be 🙂

I had seen and spoken with him many times, from Kodiak, to his house in Anchorage and his home in Arizona. there was so much more to learn from him. he was on the front lines of Native abuses and leading the way to a better future.  My heart goes down a notch at his passing. this is one example of how people can ostracize  someone and then the dog pile commences, but I only knew the man, that I knew. which was always kind and nice to be around. Served our country well in Vietnam and raised 3 kids and 2 kids from the fadaoff family. Uncle frank, you will be missed by this Human

love you