Well looks like there was some confusion on my part, at least that’s the story, but good for me, they not requiring a bunch of nonsense drawings, bad news, they are holding me to a higher standard, like I am a drafter, well I do draft, but the difference? I build too. that is cool, more knowledge, I usually just try to slap these drawings together, without a billion code reference and all the expensive bullshit, but looks like I am going to have to add some of the same bs, that I do not like. blah blah blah

I wonder if these videos even work, I got a new lens, it is wide, cheap as these usually cost a couple grand for good ones, but since I am just an rookie Am find and dandy
yippe eye A
LOL funny to self
I got nothing I really am in a rut, I need some dough, this living paycheck to paycheck is for the fucken birds, no offense to my bird friends