“freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose” Janis Joplin

A short hello on Saturday. still working on my new mindset, had a hard time tonight, stopping when full, best steak in a while

so good, mouth watering with some saute onions/garlic and an avocado salad, not too much as your stomach can digest

More than a feeling, is it? hunger pangs… seems to be very closely related, maybe that is why they call it emotional eating.

losing faith in our President, like he is a robot, but not much faith in the hateful side, we have no choice, a good time for a human being to join the race as a no party AMERICA FIRST candidate. the debates will tell all, but too much static from both sides. So much hateful rhetoric 🙁 I did a semi religious post today on the Facebook page, which has become a monster, everything post is tracked. everywhere, all the time. pity the fool that comes under the watchful eye of our Government. paranoia, no, watching some college courses.

I have some answers, defund the police, are you out of your fucking mind? more like add more money, for better screening, better training, and pay them more money. there are some bad people out there. real bad people, just watch Netflix or the crime channel. No we need better officer, more capable, of handling criminals and the publlc and not having to resort to killing them. The culture must change, expessially in the inner cities, they need resident police.

the schools, should all be online. there is too much favortizm and the universities are run by political activist, all with thier own agenda,

that is my rant for today, a little on Jesus

Johnny cash has a song, that mentions what Jesus said, so much better than the prophets, who were mere men, like Judas, their own agendas. ( I know i should not be quoting bible phrases, as I know very little about most of it, except it was written by Man, power corrupts. loving thy neighbor, seems so simple, yet… so much hate