looking forward to Seattle and some cool rain or fantastic sunshine, it has both.

My Eldest Son has a debut Album, not sure of the specifics, but it should be fun, going to see my uncle and my brother for sure too.

Been Working on a new Garage build, things have changed, running into lots of problems with my new Business name 2Tribes, Arizona is a cowboy state and Indians are hated, Every project has run into problems that RSJ never had. so be it, fuck em.

one example, I got a quote that was for lumber under my old name RSJ, it was good for 2 weeks, upon the name change, they upped the price, they actually tried to cheat me, the fat lady sitting at her desk was very rude, and incompetent, the used to come up to the counter and take the order, she never got her fat lazy ass off  her chair. foxworth Galbraith 1200 trusses last year, now cost 3500, so looks like Ill be working for wages on this one.  the site was out of level by  12″ from within 24′  poor me. halacha o well, at least I am not working with the Amigos, speaking of which, I had my nice expensive 20′ screed stolen out of my back yard, I know it was the landscaping company, I had gotten a bad vibe the last time they were doing the next door neighbor yard, I was, thinking huh,  why am I getting this vibe…. well it was because they stole my screed, who else had motive and opportunity.  life in Arizona.

hate losing tools, it really makes me cringe.

I love tools, tools  are my toys and make me money.

maybe I will pull weeds today, I had to pay a grader to level the site, well not really, but he gave me a great price, I built a garage for him, he is all in on his grading company Lloyd Gravel. he just down the street. I could have rented a machine, but more likely would have hand graded it. just have to get started and keep going, the most work is setting up grade, then just turn on some podcast and work on my tan, I am looking forward to doing some Construction Videos, this is my chance, lots of cool things to show, hopefully not too rushed.

and i have to find someone to finish the slab, I may just pour the footings and stem by myself, but we shall see, maybe get jerry to help, he bat shit crazy like his brother, but you can rely on him. hahaha

O O I was going to do a shout out to Ducky,  saw a post about him living in chiniak, and someone stealing some stuff from his house, it is funny, he put up a bounty for the thieves, 500 bones, dead or alive:)  sounds like something I would want to do, but would think of it, like going  out the next time and standing over the Amigos, but what if someone  else stole it?  that is a stretch, not too many people have use for a screed, landscapers, concrete, grading….  fuckers.

Anyway, if I ever make it back to Kodiak, I have to see Ducky, you know, there is nothing as good as a boat friendship, I remember all my crewmates, well most, a few short trips, but fished with Iver Malutin the whole Salmon season with Ducky, Pineapple, Neil Von Scheele and Iver, that is where I got to meet the Old harbor crew, the Christiansons, fisherman, Darrell and Alitak. I know i have written about it before, like the time walking and talking with ducky at the Alitak cannery, looking down as he was a youngster, well we both were, I was a young man, a grasshopper, anyway, a pipe poking out the side of a wall and I was on my arse, walked right into it. hahahah or with Jean, spending the night on the beach after getting dried up on kodiak fast moving tide, got my california schooling that night, I sat shivering while Jean “pineapple, he was also from hawaii” kept moving, catching fish, we cooked him on the beach, kind of scary, as we were in a salmon stream I am thinking kauluda, but not sure, on the other side of larsen bay, or that may be on the mainland, anyway, heavy bear country, no gun, just us fisherman. I wish I had gotten to see Jean before he passed, I saw Iver at the Native hospital in Anchorage, he had a heart attack. he was the nicest kindest man you could ever hope to know. good people.

this just reminds me how much our memories are a part of us, I would much rather reminisce about old times, than think about the future in this convoluted deceptive world, let me rant

Alaska Natives have been ripped off, all of them, they lost their subsistence lifestyle, they are ruled by the whitest Natives, they are slaves under a system, which keeps them under the ruling white leaders. they are not given a fair start in most cases, whey they get old, they have to rely on begging from  the invaders for crumbs, of food that is killing their bodies and their brains, only the rich can afford to hunt, Alaska has given not only all hunting rights to everyone, but also has given subsitense rights to everyone too.  my generation and previous generation has been robbed of any sense of culture, we have no home, our “white ruled village” was given 750 acres for 30 Natives, while the same size village Eklutna is one of Anchorage’s biggest land owners. we were cheated, we even had to pay taxes on the land for years.  the sad part is we have been assimilated, most of the leaders are no better than the lawyers that cheated the Alaska Native out of its culture and land.

these “white Native” Corporation can do nothing but blow up, corrupt money makers for a select few.  look at all their boards, they all white. My corporation values jobs for everyone but the shareholders.