I do miss Seattle at times, the water is everywhere, the green trees, the lakes, the woods. They tore down my old high School, Lynwood high school, I tried to add it to schools that I had attended, and was only able to add Meadowdale, not even sure I know where that school is :/

Facebook hey, facebook, why you delete my school from existence? why? why?

they having a 40 year reunion, I dont remember too many people from back then, a handful, Brian Amend, Kenny Snyder and his sister. Joe and John roach, RIP John,

Pat Brock, and Joy S, her brother Dave. she and Pat were on again off again, had a small crush on that blond, but she was pats girl friday of sorts, fun listening to them I remember, then there was Tom Werth, he now a prominent weed master, he was way back then too. I remember the blond twins, whatever happened to them, and then there was Punky, had a crush on her too, she still hot 🙂 have not seen her, think she deleted me :/  cant blame anyone, as facebook, is not real, it is a funny place, nobody shares anything fun anymore, me included. The Memes make sure of that, too many people have no problem, fighting or arguing for no reason other than boredom, I too have not problem deleting people, well this year especially, no excuse, other than Covid/hypothyroidism

O I was talking Seattle, my time in Seattle, introduced me to wide leg pants, lots of Makeup on girls, California girls, were tan, no need for makeup with bronze skin, me too for that matter. I mean, my skin tanned well.

the pot o my god, it was  mind numbing, too strong really, never got too much into it, but the woods was better than class. I remember being outside school one day, and my mom had these muscle relaxer, I had taken a few before class, and I was relaxed, I remember thinking to myself, this is what is must feel like to be normal. well that didn’t last, as the pills never do either.

I made a tale in wood shop, it was heavey and ugly, but it was mine, I made a pair of short in home class, they were deplorable, I once woke up in history class, and  whole new class was there, the teacher let me sleep through classes. we watched the whole shogun series in that class, cool beans. my biggest fest at Lynnwood, was being able to tough the rim in gym class, it seems so high now :/   I graduated in the class of 1981, I was supposed to graduate in 1980, but did not have enough credits, the home teacher let me slide, and I was able to get my diploma. we had a graduation, my aunt Stella and my mom went to my graduation, I wish I could give here a hug. my Auntie Stella, I remember her white russians, I drank them on and off for many years, Vodka, Kahlua and cream, lots of vodka:)

UPTOWN: my Uncle Bill and Aunt STella lived on a house right on Lake Washington, this was my indoctrination to how the rich and famous live, they had a dock and a read boat. my first time water skiing. my cousins were cool shoreline girls, bad boy girls. I fit right in. The sister Grace and Raylene, they were fun time drinkers like me and me bro. I got to meet Greg lafond, his brother, and  a host of other characters. I remember one time, I attempted to swim across lake washington, and got halfway, and saw a big tanker, and thought it may not be a good idea. I loved distance swimming . I tried it in texas and the lifeguards freaked out.

I hung out alot with my brother and his wife tammie, that was fun too, he had all the cool cars, I big 4×4 ford, a chevy el camino all with big tires and bigger engines, he made the big bucks, fishing for Grandpa Howard.

Grandpa Howard is still ticking strong, I dont have fond memories of my grandmother, as were were the bastard children of Dick Simeonoff, but howard, never let on any disgust, in his offspring, we were almost as we did not exist, but we did. I know every Mom wants the best for her kids.

Disclaimer: this is not a blame machine, or meant to disparage anyone, but it a part of my being, of my journey, the darkness of the past, brings light today. my most important feeling is that we all come from a cloth, maybe yours was golden? not everyone has the picket fence or the fond memories of youth, I have many of those and some not so fond, but as they say, what does not kill you makes you stronger? perhaps

I know the world is not all roses and daffodils, how many

I mention The sisters, they were a bright spot, during these dark times in the Great Northwest, as was my brother and his wife Tammie, my Uncle fred, the Markey Clan, even though we were not in the best light, none of these relatives treated us as outcast, many people know the feeling, such fragile growing humans we are :/

um time to read the paper and get cracking.

I want to say one thing first.

recently, my cousin Mary died, she was Grace and Raylene, older sister from Anderson, anyway, she was angry at Ray, for not quitting drinking, and had not realtionshipo with her at all, I found that discerning. We can not accept, that people live their lives, they make their choices, but that seemed so harsh, I know it none of my business, but that was over the top. love? because why? I was flabbergasted. yes it is true. she died….    sad