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Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2008 7:10 PM

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Yes it all sounds good but I oppose any sale that is not tied to distribution.  that is one thing that must be addressed when getting shareholder approval. I would be adamantly against any blanket or vague wording as to what is done with the money. a wait and see approach is not acceptable. We have shareholders living in poverty and some going to die  in a few years penniless I had a lot of issues I wanted to address but the only one I have had full consensus on is full distribution.  no less  WE CAN “TABLE” ALL OTHER MATTERS, NOT THIS ISSUE. If Alyce is in Anchorage save money and let her report back.



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With respect to hiring the same attorney, I still think it’s worth looking into. That same attorney may be ours. I’m just talking on saving time/money that go into the basic form of the document.


As far as the proxy is concerned we need to see if distribution can be put into this particular proxy, I’m not so certain, putting the distribution could cause initial problems with the vote if we had shareholders that were in disagreement with the %. But we can certainly ask about our options for approach and the easiest way to resolve as many problems in one fell swoop. And I don’t believe Shuyak has other plans….I mean that at this stage they’re doing the same thing we are….going for shareholder approval on this land sale.


Board attendance…..if we had money flying all over the place then certainly it’s worth considering having more board members.


Financial status….I could email you the bank statements but I’ll leave that up to Donene to explain the balances, etc, I’m not the treasurer so I’ll let her take care of that. Currently we have $35/$36 ish in the checking account but the AJV closing checks have not cleared so that number isn’t real, Donene should have that answer. No real transactions have taken place other than the final payment to the attorney’s and borough taxes that I saw when I checked on the account.


As far as distribution is concerned we have time to address that in the coming weeks. First we need shareholder approval to sell the land.  The shareholder list can be verified/looked over in the next few weeks, Donene and I can meet on that on a weekend. This one even if she’s got the time.

I think that once we get this rolling we can address leases.


Other thoughts and perspectives are more than welcome.




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thoughts from the desert.

Attending the meeting I agree that you or someone should attend at least to give us a clear understanding. (the information regarding the deal is on the EVOS site) but it cant hurt. we all should be able to attend if we are having the board attend. but I think one person would suffice. I think that although it would be nice to visit the land we have already committed to to sell the land and distribute the money. as Tim said he we really do not want to be showing any kind of dissent. that  could be a deal breaker…. as for the attorney the cost of the withdrawal was about 15 thousand?  we should expect about that. and if we use Kathy we can have the deal written to our shareholders. I only favor a sale if the money is distributed to the shareholders. Shuyak may have other plans. this is the only dissention we may have. I would still like to be able to use the land in Uganik did anyone come up with an alternate plan to leases?  and Kathy said we only need an attorney when we get the contract. have we verified addresses. I don’t know what we need a meeting for.. unless we have some suggestions or something needs to be aired? I think we all want this deal to go as seamless as possible. I am definitely in favor of hiring our own attorney and not convoluting the situation. thanks for reimbursement I can feed my children again. I am interested in our financial status. and since we have 100% distribution planned we must have enough money to take care of expenses.


From: Ellen Simeonoff

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Subject: Meeting


Fellow Board Members,


Sorry for the delay in getting an agenda to you. I was waiting to hear from Tim Richardson on Monday and he did not get to me until just now with the most recent update in our situation.


I also had a conflict come up for tomorrow night and I’ll need to reschedule a meeting to either this weekend or next Monday. We may not find a meeting necessary and may be able to handle whatever is necessary through email or not. I’m leaving that up to you. I just can’t make it this Thursday at 6:45.

If it is later around 8:30 I can make it but I realize that is getting late for both Richard and Tollak (John).


Here is the update from Tim. It’s my understanding that Richard already emailed him this morning and has a little info.


On Friday Tim relayed that we’d make it on the EVOSTC agenda before the end of the month. Just now he said that meeting date the 23rd in Anchorage. I would like to attend and if Alyce can leave work I’d love to have you there. I’m also open to Donene attending. I think it’s important for our Board to have as clear of an understanding in this process as we can. I want to ensure that we aren’t missing any pieces of the puzzle/equation here so we can feel as confident as possible regarding this land sale. It is also important to ensure someone is there to represent our Corporation if there are questions, dissenting opinions, etc.


We may still want to make a boat trip over to the land if we can before then.


The other issue needing to be addressed in the immediacy is hiring an attorney. We could just go with Kathy Black but I am also going to contact George Gadder with Shuyak to see about combining efforts to avoid extra legal expenses.



Tim is also concerned at this point that no emails go out on this matter out of concern for dissenting opinions that could cause a disruption at the EVOS meeting and we get through the agenda with a clean slate so we can present the deal as is to our shareholdes and if anyone dissents they can do so then.

He’s also open to doing a teleconference with our board.



Your thoughts and opinions on this are desired:


Our meeting–date, time, or email to handle these decisions

Travel to EVOS meeting

Hiring an attorney—Legal/proxy

Teleconference with Tim–needed? When? Before or after the 23rd?





Thanks for your patience, hope all is well with each of you.


Talk with you soon.



P.S. Alyce sorry to bug you at your work email but I just wanted to make sure you got/get this asap.