If I had a nickel every time I heard someone said, “Your Father”  and it was never a good thing, People like to put burdens on “whole families”  does this make people feel good about themselves? IS THIS JUST?  most definitely not, anyway, that is my topic to start off with. I never had taken this as an attack on my person, even thought it was clearly an attack on me. Now that I have gone back and become a family research nut, I see lots of things that someone could use to attack my character, through my ties to my ancient ancestors, but most people who deploy the attack the family tact, are less than educated, they are bullies, liars, manipulators, dare I say like adolph. this tact is used in criminals, dictators and bad people almost exclusively, but it does seep into the general population too. How does one even react to such people?  the first thing that one must consider, the person has bad thinking, they are using manipulation to make you feel bad about your own family, which you had no part in, it not like you chose to be born. We had no choice, I am not saying what you may be thinking I am saying.  I am glad I had the parents that I had, they both made me who I am today, good, bad, whatever, I would not trade either of them for anyone in the World. my conundrum, the pressure of being that father, I know my kids all grown, but guess what, it has already happened. These were “Educated People” II  had to ask my self, why were these people researching me in regards to my daughter?  why would they think it would be good to show her?  This grieves me, more than anything. You know the saying, you can fuck with me, but when you start fucking with my children, we have a problem, now this has been a couple of years since I learned of this. Now this was not something yesterday or even 10 years ago, but over 30 years. this is Native politics, government and big business at play, or some petty educated maliner.

I had wrote the whole truth, nothing but the truth in some post, but the problem is to share is to keep it going and going.  you should be aware that when people use the tactic, it is from their weakens not yours, they are grasping at straws, anger or whatever. it would be a shame if our children shared in our shame, or misfortunes, that would be a shame, that they would not see it for what it is. I always see some tactics, but lots of people, way in which they chip away at your being.  We must, I can not state it more, WE MUST SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS, this is their burden, their weakness, this should empower you. well unless your a criminal, then your whole family may get whacked, but this is a person that has lack or  moral fiber, lack of conscious.  my son in law, well ok not officially, well I am her dad, I am not sure if he would give me that title, hmmmm I am funny. I like they way that sounds, anyway, he was talking about not using emotion, but thinking, that is where I am, it is not easy, we have so many different  chemical reactions in our bodies, these are like powerful drugs, more powerful than we even realize. They are what has kept us alive as a species on this planet for so long.  OK, here is my theory, all these problems, mental, physicals, societal, all are growing pains, we are a war like surviving creature,  we are built to go hungry, we thrive when hungry, our brains work better faster harder without food, if we let it, otherwise, a chemical tells us to eat eat eat or starve, but that is not our society today. ok, I got off track again, anyway, we still are the same creature that was living in caves, and not too long ago for some cultures. now we have computers, mass media. mass food, mass everything. blah blah blah

love yourself first and foremost.  I love to give hugs, because I need them, and I believe everyone needs a hug.