We had a good christmas yesterday, despite getting my head knocked on the ground. I scored some nice flannels and a gift certificate for some new running shoes, trail running that is, texas tea.

I have to be aware, that it is best just to keep my mouth shut, the fuck up richard, it can do no good. The ones you love can make you miserable, when nobody else can. Then truth is, only you, or in my case, only I can make myself miserable, how do we not react? This misery spreads like wildfire in your psyche, contaminating your whole being, at least it does for me, makes you want to get the fuck out of dodge. I have to learn to be more grateful, grateful I am not trying to get laid at my age, LOL, just kidding. funny to self. we can really get mixed up when emotion rules the day, instead of being ungrateful, maybe more grateful, getting to perfect my handyman skills, which are ok, but not the best they could be. I have to look past my own EGO and knowledge, which is NOT handyman Maintenance worker. One thing that has me, is the techniques, so listen to this batman. we be patching this roof, the roof is toast, and nothing built right, even with the best patch techniques, this roof is trash. we are using cans of spray paint to pain over the mesh and black roof cement:(  I do not approve, but I am not making any decisions, I know this is wrong, I have to learn to just be a roman, when in Rome do as the romans do.  I would redo the whole roof, framing and all

here is about painting https://homeefficiencyguide.com/can-rolled-roofing-be-painted/

and the product I would use, but as stated, I would not waste money on this roof.  104 bones, instead of a bunch of cans of aerosol paint, which do nothing, but make me feel stupid.