Ok rocky start to my new project, no  problem, best to get the bullshit out of the way.  hired a gravel man, or at least that is the name of his business, he talks a great story, all lies, left me with a pile of dirt, and twice as much work to do. he was either stupid as a rock, or  as crooked as a winding stream.

The Stoic in me says expect this from people, I dont like it, but it is true, if your expectations are to get what you paid for, well I did not pre pay him, I did pay him for the dirt I didn’t need and for showing up twice, i did not want to, but maybe in his pea sized brain he thought he was doing me a favor.

I did have an epiphany, not a good one, but I remember when I was fat.  it takes twice, maybe 3 times as much effort to do things when you are fat. The effort just to hookup a trailer and jump into the seat is a days work. Maybe they think because they bought a bunch of equipment it makes them a professional. He lowe bid me. the usual rate for a pad leveling is about 650, at least in the past that is the price, but I usually just do my own, now I am out the money and still might have to rent something to clean up his mess.

Beware of over promising, I try to under promise then over deliver, this fat cat, over promised then under delivered.

now lets get down to blame, this fat cat, no way.  it was me, I was the stupid one, the clues were there. everything he offered was wrong, he kept saying laser, like that was a  fancy word. so many clues. but such a nice talker. he should be selling something, just not his work. I really think he did it on purpose. underfill is much worse than overfill, especially when it is not compacted.

that is it, that is my rant, live and learn, today I will hand dig some footings, great day to work on my Eskimo tan 🙂

I am getting hardened like some Valyrian steel.