Peanuts 600 bones, that is pretty pathetic, those mfkrs, both parties, but the audacity to even put in in our faces, it would have been nicer just to hand out nothing. a fkn nikel. this was negotiated by both sides, if that does not show you how out of touch both  parties are, I am afraid, you will never be more than a “Cheap SHEEP” you mtfkr sitting in your nice office, regular sucking off a Corporate giant, or off our tax dollars, have no clue what it is to have to go out and get your hands dirty, or maybe your already retired, and just just slip sliding away. These unemployed, or just working to pay bills, The money goes right back to the government in the form of sales and property taxes.

I wonder how much Walmart, Home Depot are raking in?  that on top of stimulus money, Walmart made me buy a mask last week.  I have never seen them so busy, they are booming. Lumber prices have skyrocketed. So they want to give them more money, but balk at giving it to the American worker,  probably, because they know their management and rollout skills are so pathetic, that most of it will be stolen, not much different than handing it out to corporations, wonder what the corporate bonus is for getting record sales and collecting a stimulus check to boot. ROME people remember ROME, the greatest County on Earth, failure to adapt, is Homo Sapiens greatest asset. we must adapt. enough crap talk, time to smooth out baby