As I have said before, I chose the Christian religion, or more accurately it chose me, I was born into the system of Christianity, I was baptised Russian Orthodox, and was an alter boy at an Episcopal Church, that is how I become a christian, I continued the path, mostly as a safety net, my biggest one when I asked God to give me the power to stop drinking, I have forever been grateful that he did, and now that I have been on the path to self enlightenment, my faith has grown stronger, this Stoic philosophy is excellent, but with God to ask for guidance and help, it is worthless to me. As a static hunk of muscle and bone, and perhaps some jelly brain, the path for me, whether born of faith or a blind passion to believe in an afterlife, it is the way I have chosen. He seems to be always with me, not talking, that ship sailed, I almost begged him to show himself, that neve happened, but I believe he does show himself, in small ways, I know perhaps wishful thinking or a sense of guilt. (sometimes I trip or fall, when I get a negative thought) it happens far too much ;/
I still am not a bible thumper, and perhaps never will be, but a child of christ, count me in, he died for our sins, our existence love Everyone, forgive, love believe, have faith.
Moses and Jesus, God lead my people out of Bondage, the bondage of excessive Mortgages, and Material things, give us faith in Life existence of all Gods creatures.
Hey I had another Idea about heaven, I was thinking about his whole explosion the big bang, and how all of our minerals come from that, perhaps when we die, we are then part of a large hive of astornomical energy, with memories, thought and a part of the whole of God, just a thought 🙂